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#tabletopsimulatorWelcome to the Official Tabletop Simulator Global Chat!555
#jupiterbroadcastingLive JB Shows: | JB Live Stream | G+: Facebook: Reddits:
#theshedTheShed – General Discussions of a geeky nature | TechSNAP Thursdays @ 1pm PDT (21:00 UTC) | GeekShed is looking for developers with C, C++, or php coding experience, /join #engineering to help out!89
#helpWelcome to the GeekShed Help Channel – This channel is for help related to GeekShed only. Please read the channel rules: || Donât ask to ask a question, just ask it! :)69
#chrisTopic: Turkey & stuffing & pie & more pie & even more pie & food coma / Chris is now twitching at /
#bleepingcomputerWelcome to the chat channel. Don't ask to ask. State your question and someone will answer when they are able. Please read our rules of use here: | Anyone offering remote access support is NOT authorized or representative of BleepingComputer58
#lordkatSweet Revenge43
#script-helpTopic: #Script-Help – Help with mIRC, tcl, perl and other scripting languages Official Pastebin: Current Project:
#gamahcode -=- Join us on Freenode @ #gamahcode This room is not affiilated with #jupiterbroadcasting, offtopic JB chat can happen in #jupitercolony -=- Rule1: gbot is only bot! – Rule2: Fuck politics! (مسجد الوحش السباغيتي الطائر) – Rule3: Refrain from butthurtedness!40
#jupiterdev – A channel for the developers and members of the JB community to collaborate on and help out with JB projects. -=- The dev github is @ -=- Dev Summit #1:
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