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#allred58Welcome to #Allred58.// Topic: Automation of Things // We serve Bacon all day, every day!16
#dragonheartsdomainCES 2019 â DragonHeart is in bed â Thanks for joining! Please make sure to add us to your autojoin â15
#gamahcode -=- Join us on Freenode @ #gamahcode This room is not affiilated with #jupiterbroadcasting, offtopic JB chat can happen in #jupitercolony -=- Rule1: gbot is only bot! – Rule2: Fuck politics! – Rule3: Refrain from butthurtedness! | I identify as an FN FAL15
#jupiterdev A channel for the developers and members of the JB community to collaborate on and help out with JB projects. There is also a Telegram group available by invite.15
#lounge Welcome to Lounge, the main room of Vaso Chat!!15
#arttravel Welcome to the Travel room! Art, Photography and travel groups!!!!!!14
#francebienvenue l'art, la culture et la posie14
#subwolfSubWolf's channel on GeekShed | Please idle with us! | Last Seizure: August 28th 2013 | Four years! | | |
#botsBot parking, development, testing and help/support :-) If you are abusive to other users in this channel, you will find yourself permanately removed from it. | This is a TESTING channel. Unless you are testing, scripts should be turned off. | NO AMSG cause the owner says so ;)10
#trivia!trivia to start :: !strivia to stop !pause !resume10
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