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#computertechWelcome To #ComputerTech | Tech Chat And Help |16
#news~24/7 News Crawl! | Share your news with us! | Be courteous | Follow our twitter: @News_Idle_Geek16
#redditnetactivityW1ADV-BOT will tell you about any transmission on 98003 that is over 2 seconds long.
#poetrysoup> April 9th the birthday of Charles Baudelaire Welcome!!!!!!!!!!13
#jupiterdev A channel for the developers and members of the JB community to collaborate on and help out with JB projects. There is also a Telegram group available by invite.12
#hellStill alive and kicking.. Rest in Peace, DominickM. Forever a friend, Always a brother! / Sometimes live over at
#linuxAnything linux / All distros welcome | Be sure to visit our friends over in #jupiterbroadcasting :)11
#eggdropWelcome to #Eggdrop // Tcl,Eggdrop Chat And Help Channel, use #eggdrop-test to test your bots or scripts. //
#cooldude13233Cooldude being Cooldude / cooldude13233 (Jordie) is probably here or not (check the User List or read my Social networks ;p) / Welcome to #cooldude13233! Feel free to add this chan to your auto join and idle here / #cooldude13233 is NOT a place for drama'10
#lightircWelcome to the lightIRC support channel. Use for bug, feature, and support requests. 502 Bad Gateway? Go to:
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