#EricJess Half-Op Application

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#EricJess Half-Op Application

Postby Gio » Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:22 pm

Being a volunteer for #EricJess is a demanding position that comes with many responsibilities and decision making. It comes with many challenges that are not all desirable. Once you learn all the responsibilities of being an #EricJess volunteer, you may think twice about applying for the volunteer position.

Keep in mind volunteering for #EricJess does not give the right to kick/ban users as you wish. You as well will follow guidelines and rules; being an #EricJess moderator gives you authority, but that authority is monitored and not tolerated to be abused.
Your overall chat experience will change, you will now have to put moderating and channel operations over your day to day chatter. You will learn you fairly quickly that much of your time on IRC will be spent aiding users with basic tech support, coaching IRC commands, reminding users of the rules, answering commonly asked questions and acting as the middle man during debates. Patience plays a big role in being a volunteer.

There are benefits to becoming an #EricJess moderator, but it is a tedious position. If you are interested in becoming a entry level you must:
    1. Be at least 18 years old;
    2. Have been active and helpful in #EricJess and the #EricJess forum;
    3. Be a VOP (voiced user) in #EricJess for at least 3 months;
    4. Be aware on how to read, write, and speak the English language coherently and fluently;
    5. Have not been banned from #EricJess, GeekShed, or the GeekShed forums within last 3 months;
    6. Have a registered nick on GeekShed for at least 90 days;
    7. Not disclose confidential information under ANY circumstance;
    8. Maintain a steady "calm" attitude and not bounce from highs to lows;
    9. Realize the rules apply to all members of #EricJess and are to be enforced fairly to everyone! (Including volunteers and their friends);
    10. Have a interest in the community, moderating #EricJess, and the #EricJess forum;
    11. Understand that you represent the #EricJess team and will not do anything to tarnish our reputation;
    12. Work well and professionally in a team and hierarchy;
    13. Have enough time to volunteer to #EricJess and the #EricJess forum;
    14. Be open-minded to attaining new knowledge;
    15. Have an open mind that is always welcome to learning more and be someone who likes to expand their knowledge;
    16. Have NO past felony convictions;
    17. Be willing to follow direction from superiors (Eric Jess, GeekShed Network Staff, and directly from the Admin team: Gio, Natasha, Ash and locust);
    18. Understand that you must follow all the rules provided to users as well as the GeekShed Terms of Service;
    19. Have the ability to separate emotional and logical feelings;
    20. Know that if accepted, this is a privilege, not a right. The administration board may remove your access at any time.
To apply for a entry level volunteer position start a New Topic and post the following:
    • Use your registered nick(s) for the topic subject.
    • Include your email address and a phone number we can reach you.
    • Include your full legal name.
    • Include your occupation and hours (If you are employed, that is).
    • Include your location (Timezone, City, State or Province, and Country).
    • If you have a blog or website, please include it.
Please analyze all of the minimum requirements above. Include the following statement in your application: "I agree to and meet all of the minimum volunteer requirements. If the applicant reviewers have a need for more information to prove that I meet the information I provided, I will be able to provide that information. I agree that all information is valid to my awareness."

Understand that meeting the minimum requirements and sending an application does not guarantee your acceptance. We review your overall behavior on GeekShed, your interaction with users, and cooperation with GeekShed Staff and #EricJess volunteers.

If accepted as a volunteer, you will be required to read and agree to some policies and standards and receive some basic instruction from the admin team. Volunteers are expected to listen to and apply this feedback, coaching, and instruction to their volunteer duties. You will be given a 30 day probationary period, which will give the administration board time to decide if you truly meet the criteria. During this period you may be discharged at any time for any reason. Please wait 30 days for a response from our staff regarding your application. During this period we review your activity, attitude and demeanor in #EricJess and on GeekShed. You may refer to admin board member for any further questions or suggestions.

Applications WILL NOT appear on this forum publicly and will only be visible to #EricJess moderators and GeekShed.net Staff. Please do not ask about your application unless it has been more then 30 days and you have not received a response.
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