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2013 #chris rules

Postby CornishNerd » Sun May 12, 2013 4:29 pm

Some of you may have noticed a few changes in Pixie lately and this post is an attempt to explain why.

User numbers and activity has been steadily decreasing in #chris for whatever reasons. As there's little live interaction we've decided to loosen up the rules somewhat and give people the chance to talk a bit more openly, without worrying about the rules. This hopefully will create more discussion and more users in the channel.

We don't want to intervene every time someone is chatting away and happen to use a few caps or want to paste a link to their site; there's no need. Trolls of course still need to be addressed and we still won't tolerate flooding or rude behaviour just the same as before.

The main change of note is the spam rule. If you have an interesting story, some link you want to paste, a lmgtfy link/google result, a picture of you snowboarding/bungee jumping etc, then feel free to share it with the chat. Where this isn't tolerated is when you flood your link or paste it on a regular basis. It's not an advertising forum, but if a link would help explain your point then use it. Maybe even stick around - offer something else to the other users in chat besides just coming to find people that will click on your link. So long as it's not malicious, pointing to something illegal or aimed at an adult audience, and providing the link isn't flooded, you should be fine.

For those reading links this obviously creates the problem of what is pasted and whether you should click on it. This should apply to every chat room you are in and any link you see anywhere on the internet anyway, but beware. Not everything is as it seems so be careful what you click on. Mods are still watching what is pasted, we're just not going to tell someone off each time anything www.* shows up.

If you feel REALLY happy about something, great, let everyone know. THERE'S LITTLE POINT TALKING LIKE THIS, HOWEVER. Excessive caps will not be tolerated.

We would mostly like users to be nice to one another. If you want to discuss the values of one OS over another, religion, politics, so be it, but just be nice about it please. Your opinion isn't the only one out there and you may even learn by listening to others.

Previously we didn't discuss torrents at all. You now can, e.g. how to, but not about "illegal" or copyrighted torrents - namely most movies, games, music and apps. Jailbreaking and rooting devices can be talked about, but we accept no responsibility for any advice given/taken in the channel. If you break it, you broke it. It's not our fault. We don't want people coming into #chris to learn how to hack or anything, but non malicious talk will also be tolerated now, with the intent to help other users understand a topic.

We hope you all enjoy chatting in #chris and welcome any comments in replies to this post!

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