The problem with reading conditions .

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The problem with reading conditions .

Postby Bxxta » Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:57 am

I have problem for my script.
He can a first condition and not added $nick to another veriables.
Two too.
But three is doesn,t working i don,t know why.
He know then %player1 is not null and %player2 is not null. So, He should go to three condition. because %player1 and %player2 is full.
But, he don,t go to third condition. If I thrice write "!add". He thinks moments and he change %player2, not %player3.
Do I simply badly I think? or what I want to do is impossible in this programming language?

Code: Select all
on *:TEXT:!add:#LTS: {
  IF (%player1 == $null) goto a
  IF (%player1 != $null) goto two
  IF ((%player1 != $null) && (%player2 != $null) && (%player3 == $null))goto three
  /set %player1 $nick
  /msg #LTS bbeb
  /msg #LTS Add player
  /set %player2 $nick
  /msg #LTS Add player
  /set %player3 $nick
  /msg #LTS %player1 %player2 %player3

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