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* HotRod ( has joined
* R2-D2 gives voice to HotRod
<HotRod> hey
<Jeffrey> hello
* HotRod
<Jeffrey> lol
* Jeffrey
<HotRod> O_O
<Jeffrey> lol
<HotRod> lol
<guppy> you’re hot
* guppy whistles
<Jeffrey> o_0

< Katie> Lexie you half-mad half-insane maniac! be reasonable!
<~Lexie> No!
<~Lexie> I refuse!
* ~Lexie rubs her fingers through her hair to give her kind of a mad scientist look and
crosses her arms, "I will do this experiment, if it kills you!"
< Katie> teh profesdsdor wasd right! you are evi;l. adn sha;llow
< Katie> ffs
<~Lexie> ..
<~Lexie> It’s like Katie knows me
<Dawnstar`> [Random Facts] A giraffe has a 20-inch tongue.
<Talia> hmmm, would be more fun on a person :)
<EnglishGeek> ?
<Talia> if you have to ask…
<Talia> you’re too young to know
<~Jonathan> did you die tinker?
<%Tinker> yes
<~Jonathan> how come?
<%Tinker> Im trying to take advantage of my last little bit of WoW time :P
<&z_williamson> My phone makes me sad.
<~Clayton> Why?
<@BrandonW> dildos
<@BrandonW> thats why
<~Clayton> oh
<~Clayton> That explains it
<@BrandonW> and bacon popcorn
<~Clayton> bacon soap
<~Clayton> bacon cigarettes
<~Clayton> bacon clothing
<~Clayton> bacon bacon
<~Clayton> (Dogs don’t know it’s not bacon)
<&z_williamson> IT’S BACON!
* ____ is now known as __
* __ is now known as _
* _ is now known as __
* __ ( has left #phil (Left all channels)
* __ ( has joined #phil
<Cady> __: Fur serious?
<__> huh?
<__> what you on about?
<Cady> Pick one nick and stick with it.
* __ ( has left #phil
<Cady> Ooor leave
<Cady> Wasnt a bad request.. Sheesh
* EnglishGeek ( has joined #phil
<Stuzilla> i stand by fuck off and die
<Cady> You’re so cheerful.
<Stuzilla> i said it with a smile
* Queenie is now known as Mr_Sorch
* Mr_Sorch is now known as Mrs_Sorch
<09~Coyote`> gender crisis today?
<~Mrs_Sorch> lol
<~Mrs_Sorch> i missed the s
<09~Coyote`> ;-)
<09~Coyote`> amazing what the english language can do to you for a typo
<~Mrs_Sorch> i know right
<~Mrs_Sorch> i went from no penis to penis and no penis again
<09~Coyote`> and no doctor bills to make it happen
<~Mrs_Sorch> ikr
%blaster: I have a policy, I don’t join channels owned by teenagers
iTechman: im not a teen
%blaster: you sure act like one
iTechman: im 15
zenld: so, i suppose you are all wondering why i called this meeting…
mors_d: no, it’s far past being ovbious that something needs to be done about the rutabega
zenld: indeed. and so we have gathered to sort this out
mors_d: you know my stance: steamed and as a funny word.
zenld: i myself am still surprised at the number of people who don’t even know what one is
or where to find it on a map
z_williamson: The people have a right to know!
zenld: in fact a responsibility
mors_d: z_williamson: are you forgetting the experiment we ran in Objywak, NH?
z_williamson: mors_d: I thought we agreed to NEVER speak of that again!
mors_d: that’s what happens when people know.
FrontlineX: Bastards.
FrontlineX: Plants have rights
FrontlineX: you right wing hippocrits
z_williamson: Well, then what are we supposed to do? I don’t want bloodshed from the angry
outcry of a turnip mob on my hands.
zenld: oh no! not the turnips!
FrontlineX: What two rutabegas do in the privacy of their own home is their business.
mors_d: hey, who let FrontlineX into this meeting. he hasn’t seen the brief.
FrontlineX: I have
zenld: unless they leave the curtains open
FrontlineX: on wikileaks
z_williamson: zenld: Oh yes. The turnips. Then the collards. And who knows? We might even
disrupt the gourds.
FrontlineX: all your secrets are out
mors_d: FrontlineX: then you would know it involves herbicide bordering on genocide
FrontlineX: Tubers have a right to live as they want
zenld: as long as we can keep the rhubarb out of the whole conversation we are still ok
mors_d: zenld: that’s next month
zenld: ok, good. whew.
z_williamson: Rhubarb? I thought we dealt with the rhubarb.
mors_d: if we want to have vegitables in any abbundance the rutabegas must be supressed
and marginalized!
mors_d: z_williamson: they’ve filed another complaint against the strawberries again.
FrontlineX: FACIST!
mors_d: FrontlineX: it’s that or we give them their own country, then have to have a war
against another facist tuber-supremicist regime again.
Red_Silk watches the parsnips revolt
zenld: parnips are indeed revolting
bunny: 0.o
z_williamson: Great. bunny’s gonna show up and eat… I mean, destory all the evidence.
Red_Silk jabs zenld with a parsnip
FrontlineX: I am in favor of returning the Gaza Patch to rutabega control. It was taken
bunny: I am a meatatarian
Red_Silk tosses bunny some surf & turf
Red_Silk: & a fine wine to go with steak & seafood
mors_d: FrontlineX: while I have nothing against that motion, we still have not found all
of their weapons caches in the region. At this juncture it would be tentamount to simply
giving them nuclear weapons and dropping them in the local zoo.
Red_Silk: & maybe some fava beans
zenld: we must not allow the rutabegas that kind of armament
z_williamson: bunny: You’re my carnivorous angel.
zenld: if there is to be peace in the middle garden, control must be maintained
bunny flutters about the channel, flapping her ears in lieu of angel wings
mors_d: that’s my point. they must eventually have their own soverignty, but we must mould
their minds and disarm them first.
bunny revokes access to all copies of Animal Farm.
Red_Silk plays some harp music in the background
FrontlineX: mors_d, we have no proof of these WMDs you speak of. I believe that it is mere
political posturing on behalf of the Carrot unions
zenld: until we find all the hidden caches of herbicide, we must proceed carefully
zenld: not those damn carrots again

<@Mindy> I am a potato
* &Allred58 puts Mindy in a microwave and hits the baked potato button
<@Mindy> Thanks.
<&Allred58> LMAO!!!
* &Allred58 waits for dinner
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