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<@kyltmer[Notebook]> me too
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Client exited )
* Stuzilla is now known as Jesus
* Mist is now known as God
* Jesus has quit (Killed (God (You are no son of mine. Repent!)))
* Stuzilla ( has joined #help
* DrPepper gives voice to Stuzilla
* Stuzilla is now known as jesus
* jesus has quit (Killed (God (See previous statement: You are no son of mine. So there’ll
be no child support. In any case, that’d be paid out to your mother, the poor thing.)))
< Dmitri> if you click on a mirror and the link is broken does it mean you’ll have 7
years of bad e-luck?
< Ze_Spy> Tim – What grade are you in?
< Tim> 8
< Tim> why?
< Ze_Spy> Tim – No wonder.
< Ze_Spy> Tim – You had an awfully high number of ‘I hate school’ messages on
< Ze_Spy> Totally understandable now.
< Tim> Heh heh
Tim waits for Ze-
< Tim> fail
< Ze_Spy> Tim – What? I hated 8th too.
Tim waits for Ze_Spy to ass him
< Tim> oh
< Tim> dear god
<%Ash> uhhhh
Natasha looks at Tim
< Ze_Spy> * Tim waits for Ze_Spy to <censored> him <= you *what*
<%Ash> that looked bad
< Ze_Spy> Look man, I’m not that kind of person!
< Tim> i meant add!
< Tim> i’m sorry!
Ze_Spy hides behind Natasha ;~;
<%Ash> >.>
<@Natasha> O.o
< Ze_Spy> XD
<&BadSanta> Ze_Spy, watch the language.
<&BadSanta> [19:31:17] < Ze_Spy> * Tim waits for Ze_Spy to
<censored> him <= you *what*
< Ze_Spy> Tim – I already added you on FB.

<Katie> oops -f -s -] -caps
<Jackaroo> moron

(note: Jackaroo is a bot. Katie… is Katie)
<&SnowAngel> [Name Withheld], it is not smart to post your age in a chatroom :)
<Ze_Spy> Especially when you’re as old as time itself. I’m looking at you T-Rex!
* T-Rex flings the contents of a tar pit at Ze_Spy
<SnowAngel> lol Ze_Spy
<Ze_Spy> ;D
<LockiVids> get dual core
<LockiVids> or quad
<Ze_Spy> Dual is outdated, bro.
<&SnowAngel> no T-Rex is not outdated!!
<&SnowAngel> oh Dual, thats odd, i read T-Rex
<Ze_Spy> bwahaha
* T-Rex sniffles and goes on a make-over show
<Ze_Spy> SnowAngel, don’t deny it. You know as well as I do. :)
* SnowAngel rubs eyes again
<&SnowAngel> lol T-Rex
* T-Rex rubs SnowAngel’s eyes too, just for good measure
<Ze_Spy> How did you reach?
<&SnowAngel> teuhm…thanks!…i think..
<&T-Rex> lol
* SnowAngel searches for her lost left eye
< BlackIce> lol SnowAngel
<&SnowAngel> oh there it is..staring at my teapot, whereelse!
<Ze_Spy> SnowAngel, the first step to quitting an addiction is admitting it. :D
<&SnowAngel> ok
* SnowAngel clears throat
<&SnowAngel> "Hi, I am Brigitte and i’m e tea-aholic"
<Ze_Spy> SnowAngel, there, now doesn’t that just feel much better?
* T-Rex pats Brigitte on the back. Well done, dear.
<&SnowAngel> ty guys..*sniffles, but feels so proud*
<&T-Rex> Soo if you’d like to start by making me a cup of tea Bri, that’d be
<@Guru_Meditation> literally just buggering the video
<Rudolph> Omg omg omg!
<@Guru_Meditation> omg
<@Guru_Meditation> buffering
<@Guru_Meditation> geeze
* &Scrooge smacks the pair of you
<Rudolph> So epic yet so rubbish
* @Guru_Meditation sinks into the ground
<&Scrooge> lol; typo ftw Guru_Meditation
<~Cady> If i had known that there was wifi in this crap building…
<~Cady> >_<
<~Phil-Work> hai gay
<~Cady> Shh
<~Cady> I’m being educated. :P
<~Phil-Work> I’m pretending to work
<~Cady> lol
<~Phil-Work> you’re pretending to get edumacated
<~Cady> omgeeh.
<~Cady> shit
<~Cady> i just missed something important.
<~Phil-Work> the cure for your STDs?
<~Cady> NOO
<~Cady> speech sign ups
< Katie> ha ha i don’t live in norwich anymore, i don’t fuck pigs anymore
<MornNickB> ouch
<Katie> awww man.
* Katie rubs mornnickb better
<MornNickB> lol
<chris_ace2> lmao
<chris_ace2> MornNickB I would say that would be an awesome thing to put on a quote
db but no one would know Katie is a bot :)
<Katie> unless a witness steps forward dude..
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