GeekShed Quote Database

<@TheDirector> Score run complete
<Pilgrim> O.o
<locust> !throw Pilgrim all
<@TheDirector> locust throws 4 snowballs at Pilgrim and hits them 4 times for 17
points. Pilgrim dodged for 0 points and recovered 0 snowballs
<Pilgrim> !throw locust
<@TheDirector> Pilgrim throws a snowball at locust and misses. 1 Point to locust
<@TheDirector> locust recovers the snowball!
<Pilgrim> :o
<locust> \o/
* locust saves it
<Pilgrim> -.- shadup
<Pilgrim> xD
<locust> my preciousssss
<Pilgrim> lawlz
<locust> i’ll protect you from the hobbitseses
<Pilgrim> uhhuh oh sure locust
<Pilgrim> xD
<locust> you’re right.. i lie
<locust> !throw Pilgrim
<@TheDirector> locust throws a snowball at Pilgrim and hits them in the head!
Headshot! 10 points
<locust> \o/
<Pilgrim> O.o
<Pilgrim> What?!?!?!?
<Pilgrim> grrrr
<locust> haha
<&Allan> Katie: what is your favourite thing about sex with the internet? (;
<~Internet> q;
< Katie> SSSH SEKRIT man.
<rygavs> but time to set up my reciever
<rygavs> also,
<rygavs> open box items are the best invention ever
<rygavs> FUCK
<MornNickB> ohh dear
<rygavs> back to bestbuy
<penelope> I guess they’re not the best invention ever, then.
<~Kat> Katie go down on Danneh
<@shaggysi0> she learnt that off Lexie
<Katie> Mount them so you can alter their thrust.
* MornNickB mounts Katie
* Katie passes it on to rygavs0
<MornNickB> uhh
<MornNickB> that woudl be illegal
<Katie> Shh, sekrit.
<Katie> So do you want some coffee, or would you just prefer a quick fuck on the
<Shawn> Katie, ill take the coffee this morning :D
<Alexis> I can’t swallow that!
<Radien> go for it Alexis
* Lexie shoves her "cock" in Alexis’ mouth.
<Alexis> ooh more, more! MORE!

<gknee> hehe iYaz is funny in the early mornings too
<iYaz> gknee: i’m funny 24/6
<gknee> of course :D
<iYaz> i’m unfunny 1 day a week.
<gknee> you need a day of rest?
<iYaz> the only problem is I have no idea which day that is or if it is 24 hours
spread throughout the week.
<gknee> haha ok
<ANkh> I just happen to be unfunny every time I talk to someone
<ANkh> I’m hilarious the rest of the time
<ANkh> bugger the goat, what about the child?
<iYaz> ANkh: i’m not buggering any goat!
<ANkh> where’s your sense of adventure
<iYaz> ANkh: i keep that in a trunk.
<ANkh> iYaz: lets not drag elephants into this
<iYaz> ANkh: i was talking about trees.
<ANkh> iYaz: hasn’t the rainforest been poluted enough
<iYaz> ANkh: nope.
<iYaz> i plan on dropping oil on the rainforest
<iYaz> then i’ll throw animals on the rainforest that is covered in oil to add to
the disaster
<iYaz> and finally, I’ll throw some litter on the ground.

<mrpumpkins> good
* mrpumpkins closes live jordancook
<mrpumpkins> ooh
<mrpumpkins> trick or treaters
<mrpumpkins> jordan! back up! these halloween goers have machine guns!
< RawwrImaDinosaur> Lawl :’D
<mrpumpkins> who is the dinosaur here?
< Linkin> alanne
< OliverK> *alanna
< RawwrImaDinosaur> Eets Alannaa :}
< Linkin> Ala knee
< RawwrImaDinosaur> :L
< RawwrImaDinosaur> Kthnx
* mrpumpkins seeeeeees
< Jordan> Help! I’m being attacked by trick or treaters.
<mrpumpkins> did the halloween cam bork
< Jordan> probably. just well, it put a hat on and repeatedly turned into a ghost/>
<&Pierce> MrsPhil
<&Pierce> ssh
* ~MrsPhil tackles Piercey
<~MrsPhil> HAI!!!!
<~MrsPhil> you is my squishy
<~MrsPhil> And I shall call you my squishy.
<~MrsPhil> And you shall be my chair, squishy!
<~MrsPhil> =]
<&Pierce> fine by me
<&Pierce> so long as you dont sit still
<&Pierce> and move about a bit
<&Pierce> we should be good
* ~MrsPhil rolls eyes
<~MrsPhil> You’re such a pervert.
<~MrsPhil> Just like Allan.
* &Pierce looks around
* &Pierce points at himself
<&Pierce> me?
<~MrsPhil> Yes.
<~MrsPhil> YOU!
<&Pierce> really?
<~MrsPhil> Mhm.
<~MrsPhil> You’re like..
<~MrsPhil> …
<&Pierce> but but… ive never even had a girlfriend..
<&Pierce> or been with a girl
<~MrsPhil> So?
<~MrsPhil> OMGEEh.
<&Pierce> so
<&Pierce> like
<&Pierce> how could i be a pervert?
<~MrsPhil> Who says
<~MrsPhil> You haven’t had a boyfriend?
<&Pierce> i have
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