GeekShed Quote Database

* Mark whacks the whole room
* Cels chops off whacker
<Mark> Ewww
<Mark> LOL!!
* robo-x goes into cardiact arrest
<andrew42092> O.o
<Mark> That dont sounds right in so many ways Cels…
<coyotebrown> do an ad for geekshed
<coyotebrown> get a bunch of geeks
<coyotebrown> and put them in a shed
<coyotebrown> and film it
<GreyBeard> hmmm
<GreyBeard> then chain the door and torch it?
<coyotebrown> Geek shed: we probably won’t burn you alive
<GreyBeard> heheh
* Mark ( has joined #hello
<adam[BNC]> hey mark
<Mark> hello/
<guppy> Great…
<adam[BNC]> im changing my bot
<Mark> XD
<guppy> Mark is here… just wonderful…
<adam[BNC]> so thats why you pmed lol
<Mark> indeed
<adam[BNC]> what so bad about that
<guppy> he is a goofball
<guppy> who eats fartcakes
<adam[BNC]> i am too
<guppy> fail
<Mark> XD
<guppy> fatcakes
<Mark> HHAHA!
* adam[BNC] kicked guppy reson none
<Mark> Farcakes
<Mark> LOL!
<guppy> im adding to quotes
<jebbo> is bridget a robot or a actual person?
<&Brigitte> i dont know a bridget
<TMFKSOFT> Brigitte is a person
<TMFKSOFT> and a nice one at that
<&Brigitte> :)
<&Brigitte> aww
<Un-Undead_Spy> I disagree with that. :o
<Un-Undead_Spy> For all we know, I could just be going insane somewhere and you’re
all figments of my imagination.
<nerodrago> Un-Undead_Spy can this figment please win the lottery?
<Un-Undead_Spy> nerodrago, no guarantees. XD
* nerodrago snaps his fingers
<nerodrago> atleast I have a shot at it.
<Allan> in the users tab you just put like:
<Allan> 1000:nick!ident@host
<Allan> and that person is access level 1000 now
<Allan> can do a mask too
<Danneh> I just have
<Danneh> <level>:<nick>
<Danneh> lol
<Allan> so, just add: $address($nick,2)
<Allan> danneh: i can hack that though
<Allan> by /nick’ing to that name and doing it
<Allan> and nick’ing back before nickserv kicks in
<Danneh> TheDevil var $level(GrimReaper)
<TheDevil> 1337
<Danneh> Wanna try it? :p
<Danneh> I’ll ghost you before you do anything
<Danneh> :p
* Allan is now known as GrimReaper
<GrimReaper> TheDevil var $level(GrimReaper)
<TheDevil> 1337
* GrimReaper is now known as Allan
<Danneh> ..
<Danneh> wtf
<Allan> fuck you in your face :p
<GrimReaper> LAG
<GrimReaper> D:
* GrimReaper (~TheReaper@Your.Worst.Nightmare.vhost) Quit (Killed (Allan (ghosted :p)))/>
* Natasha is typing and brushing her teeth at the same time.
<EricJess> Nice work Natasha
<Natasha> thank you :P
<Dallin> Natasha, if you’re not careful, you’ll start brushing your keyboard and
typing with your teeth!
* EricJess snorts.
<Dallin> but at least your keyboard will be minty fresh…
<Allred58_LT> LOL Dallin…
* Natasha tries to laugh out loud but accidently gets toothpaste on the screen
<Dallin> trying to reduce plaque buildup on the monitor, eh?
* Allred58_LT hands Natasha a cleaning cloth
<Dallin> If you floss and type at the same time, you’d have a completely clean
keyboard by the time you’re through!
<EricJess> lol
<Dallin> "you have a very clean keyboard! what’s your secret?" / "oh,
I brush and floss it every night"
<Dallin> rofl
* cels jumps from laughter.
<Dallin> we are very keen on keyboard hygiene here in #ericjess.
<Dallin> and to prevent the keyboard from stinking up the place, be sure to apply
deodorant regularly
<Natasha> hahahah
<Allred58_LT> What about the daily shower Dallin?
<Allred58_LT> hehe
<Dallin> Natasha, now that your keyboard is all ready for bed, don’t you think you
ought to get ready too? ;)
<Dallin> I mean, I know computer geeks are kind of obsessive about their computers,
but that’s a bit much. :p
<Natasha> hehe Dallin. just got into my pj’s and now I cleared off my bed, my teeth
are clean, my keyboard is clean… I just need to take work makeup off.
<Dallin> but I heard Mark gives his old CRT monitor a bath once in a while, for old
time’s sake…
* Allred58_LT is dyeing from laughing too hard
<~Lexie> !topic #LexiesDomain // Poll: Best Accent: Stu or Nick?
< Katie> Lexie: stu.
< Katie> Or you could just use a placebo.
<Mark> *sniif* *snif* they grow up so fat :(
<Mark> XD
<Mark> fast
<Mark> wowo
<Mark> i fail
<Natasha> hahahahaah
* Auv5 Throws RAWRwins254 out the window
< RAWRwins254> ouch
* Auv5 Goes outside and picks him up, "oh I’m sorry." *throws back in*
* RAWRwins254 lands on a spike
< RAWRwins254> Auv5: can i sue you now? :P
< Auv5> noes, I said sowee D:
< RAWRwins254> but i landed on a spike :(
< Auv5> I took you off the spike, on the bright side :D
< RAWRwins254> oh… can you take me to the ER then?
< Auv5> "I killed you, but I gave you a good burial, so your family cannot
sue me."
< RAWRwins254> lol
<Katie> So do you want some coffee, or would you just prefer a quick fuck on the
<Katie> UNF.

well, I guess you have my answer ;)
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