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<Lexie> Kat just realised you were ruining her reputation, Allan.
<Kat> yus.
<Lexie> xD
* Lexie spanks Allan.
<Lexie> Naughty, darling. Just naughty.
<Kat> why are we spanking him for punishment?
<Kat> he likes it
<Lexie> hmm
* Lexie withholds instead?
<re: previous QDB entries>

<Lexie> I love
<Lexie> how 3 of those quotes
<Lexie> ends on me.
<Allan> all good times end on Lexie
<Kat> omg
<Lexie> or
<Lexie> involve me.
* Kat spanks Allan
<Lexie> xD
<Kat> you HAD to put that there?!

<Kat> the more we interact with the bot, th emore it learns
<Kat> which is awesome
<Kat> I love playing with it
<therock247uk> :o
<Kat> talk about playing with it, and therock247uk shows up
<Allan> now i am sure i could roll that out of context, and have Kat getting it on
with Katie, haha
<Kat> haha
<shaggysi0> lol
<therock247uk> lol
<Kat> Kat is not getting it on with a bot
* Kat snorts
<Lexie> >.<
<Kat> perhaps with Lexie though :p
* Lexie gets it on with Kat (;
<Allan> …
* Kat watches the mouths of the boys hit the floor
<Kat> haha
<therock247uk> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<Allan> am I invited?
<Kat> well
<Katie> have you the brain worms?
<Lexie> xD
<Kat> only if you bring the monster squid
<Allan> of course
<Kat> alright!
<Lexie> :D

<Katie> That = fuck-chair.
<AlastorMoody> Katie likes fucking in chairs?
<Katie> let me consult a fortune "cookie"
* Allan invites Lexie to the chair indicated by Katie
* Katie invitesd Allan
<Katie> @$^*~^$$*
<shaggysi0> lol
<Kat> o_O
<Kat> can I watch?
<Allan> sure, if it is ok with Lexie, you can watch
<Allan> you just want to see the squid :p
<Kat> of course!
<Kat> I’ve never seen a monster squid before!
<shaggysi0> ><
<Felix> New Quote #246 by Allan (Dukemaster) @
<Lexie> >.<!
<Allan> mmhmm ;)
<Lexie> >.<!!
* Lexie bites Allan.
<Allan> mmm

<Lexie> !topic #LexiesDomain // fetishes

<Katie> -typo
<Lexie> ..
<Kat> Katie I love you
* Allan puts his giant demon squid back in his pants…
<Allan> how did that get out
* Kat snorts at Allan
<AlastorMoody> >.>
<shaggysi0> LOL
<AlastorMoody> oh God
<Kat> that was actually damn funneh
<Kat> I’m still snickering
<shaggysi0> it was very well timed
<Lexie> WAIT
<Lexie> tentacles.
* Lexie steals Allan off
<Kat> !
<shaggysi0> LOL
<Lexie> You and I shall be /very/ good friends.

<Vorex> hmmm got my my chick some windex for vday
<Gnimsh> Get her something she really needs. Like an account on your porn server
<Vorex> so fun to start <censored> with her any chance i get :P
<%usrbingeek> windex? do I want to ask?
<Vorex> no sick meaning behind it usrbingeek :P
<Vulc4n> Vorex: whatever. I know yo u want her to clean your full body latex suit
with it.
<Vorex> er?
<Vorex> thats just….
<Vorex> ya….
* %usrbingeek thought of a joke but its too crude
<Gnimsh> you know we don’t care, usr
<Vorex> usrbingeek, thats never stopped you in the past
<Vorex> :P
<%usrbingeek> ….Vorex is giving his gf windex ….to replace the bottle he stole
off her cleaning cart at the Motel 6
<Vorex> oooooo
<Vorex> that was harse
<Vorex> haha
<Vorex> i got harser
<Vorex> [21:12] Bri: so she can clean her car windows… and look through them
clearly enough to see your face and then realize, "what the hell was i
thinking?" lol <3
<%usrbingeek> lol
<Gnimsh> harsh, vorex. Idiot
<Gnimsh> :p
<%usrbingeek> ohh ohh! windex? ….that’s not strong enough douche even for Vorex’s
* %usrbingeek hides
<Vorex> man
<Vorex> you guys suck :P
<Tala> occasionally and have been told we were good ;)
* Tala yawns
* SubWolf fills Tala’s mouth
<SubWolf> Whipped cream!
* Cream whips Tala
<@Jade> Oooh, that looks infected.
*** Tala quit (Broken pipe)
<UncleJobs> ash can i ask u something
<@Ash> ok
<UncleJobs> do u love me ?
<Chrisx84> lol
<fish> lol
<UncleJobs> no answer.. is it a yes or a no.. or are u shy at me..
<@Ash> You do know I’m a guy right?
<@Ash> So lets move on then
< Zetacon> Bahahahaha.
<UncleJobs> aaw.
<Chrisx84> own!
<UncleJobs> pwned
<fish> akward.
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