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<n3td3v> is looking at porn classed as cheating?
<GreyBeard> depends on the woman usually yes
<GreyBeard> that entirely depends on the gf
<GreyBeard> if she sees it so …IT IS
<Ikcor> taking the porn out to dinner is cheating
<GreyBeard> hahhahahahahaahahah
<tengrrl> how many times can a polecat lie before you can call him a scam?
<Nathan> Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
<tengrrl> No, I kiss yours with it.
~KB9WEC hands kta a fuzzy pickle
<~Danneh> how are you feeling kta?
* kta takes a drag man.
< kta> Danneh: I’m feeling stoned off my tits :) man.
< kta> Just what I’ve always wanted ;) dude..
<~Danneh> lololololololoolol
<DG> I have an itch on my back
< compaq1223> umm ok?
<DG> Random
* %locust stops poking his DG voodoo doll
<DG> Oh :)
< compaq1223> XD
< compaq1223> locust, do u have a compaq one tooo :P
<%locust> no, you have a compaq.. that’s punishment enough
* %locust hides
< compaq1223> :o
<Mornnb> play?
<Pctech37> sure
<Pctech37> obama is live
<Mornnb> what’s he talking aobut
<Pctech37> iraq
<Pctech37> Op Iraqi freedom is over
<Pctech37> Now it’s New Dawn…
—-Obama’s Speech on Iraq War—-
<Mornnb> if he can talk to a country like that
<Mornnb> he must be great at picking up women
<locust> could be worse.. like being stuck in elevator for a minute with CN right
after he’s ate chili
<RAWRwins254> Phil: i love you now…. the nicknames feature = epic
<Luma> lol
<Phil> heh
<CornishNerd> Insulting that you didn’t love him before RAWRwins254
<RAWRwins254> LOL
<RAWRwins254> okay let me rephrase… I love him MORE… happy?
<CornishNerd> ok, ok I’ll let it slip
<Luma> not good enough RAWRwins254
<mudklplover> you want to make love to him?
<CornishNerd> but next time!…
* a ( has joined #chris
* Night has quit (Ping timeout)
<RAWRwins254> mudklplover: ewww
<Luma> mudklplover: eww?
<Phil> I’d like that
<Phil> eh
<Phil> I mean
<Phil> ewwww
* Luma screams
<Phil> ehrm
<CornishNerd> xD
<RAWRwins254> XD
<mudklplover> lol
<RAWRwins254> Phil: i knew you had the hots for me :P
* Esa has quit (Quit: )
<Luma> hmm odd
<mudklplover> bbl going to go smoke a fagggg
* RAWRwins254 is now afraid of a 1s gline :(
<Luma> i guess you havent configured the settings to save yet Phil?
<Phil> save what, Luma?
<Luma> I put Kill to quick mode, hit save, didnt save when i refreshed
* tengrrl glines RAWRwins254 so he can get that out of the way
AlexKiernan – Anywhoser! Could you send me a copy of the design, I’d like to stick in
h4rl3y123 – str_replace("could_not", "can", "this could_not be
h4rl3y123 – Yeah i do a zippy
AlexKiernan – I like that one
h4rl3y123 – 1 sex
h4rl3y123 – oops!
AlexKiernan – Ohhh
h4rl3y123 – *embarrassing*
AlexKiernan – Alanna in mind?
h4rl3y123 – I meant to say "1 sec"
AlexKiernan – I’d have never guessed
<Haydn> Allan, make me a samich!
<~Allan> fuck off
<~Allan> haha..
<Jim> lol
<Haydn> Allan, get into the kitchen, and make me a samich. If you don’t then santa
won’t be happy.
* Haydn was kicked by Allan (one boot&ass sandwich coming right up)
* Haydn ( has joined #theshed
<Haydn> Thank you. I’ve been waiting for that for awhile.
<Haydn> Wait a minute Allan!
<Haydn> You aint got no pancake mix!
<Haydn> Allan, go get me some Pancake mix!
<@Danneh> :/
<Haydn> Okay! Okay! I’ll get my own pancake mix. Thanks for the sandwhich though
<@UncleJohn> JonathanTaylor spoonyexperiment,cinemasnob.
<@Guru_Meditation> cinemas nob?
<@Guru_Meditation> what kind of name is that?!
<@UncleJohn> Guru_Meditation guy reviews B rated bad movies, and is a
* @Guru_Meditation UncleJohn rofl!!
<@Guru_Meditation> haha…
* @Guru_Meditation goes to sit in the corner
<Acer_Monitors> Macs arnt slow neither are pc’s its actually what you do with it
* @Guru_Meditation dries his eyes and comes back
<@Hooch> (Random FML) Today, I went to get my underarms waxed. I’m usually not
self-conscious because I figure they see worse stuff all the time. When I raised my arm
for her to wax my armpit she looked at me, laughed and said "Well I guess that’s how
I know it’s winter in Wisconsin!" FML
< Taters> i lol’ed at that
<@Talia> I cringe with the thought of waxing armpits. That would HURT.
< Taters> i was always a fan of the pain waxing the inner leg would bring
< Taters> that’s a rather tender area
<@Talia> There was a case recently of a guy getting a brazillian wax as part of a
charity thing and the tore open his sack when yanking the wax off.
< Taters> well, i didn’t want to go that far
<%pastubbs> unread unread
<%pastubbs> damnit too late
< Taters> tbh
< Taters> i bet that bled like hell
<%pastubbs> unread unread
< Taters> i mean, not much down there but blood and testicles
<%pastubbs> unread unread
<@Talia> yep
< Taters> just gushing
<%pastubbs> stop
* @Talia could describe worse
* Taters could make up worse
< Taters> lol, that’s funny
<@Talia> pastubbs, I could describe SRS if you really want
<%pastubbs> no
< Taters> srs
< Taters> !wiki srs
<@Hooch> Wiki SRS or SrS may stand for:
<@Hooch> Wiki
< Taters> thanks for the help
< Taters> hooch
<@Hooch> Yes, Taters?
< Taters> you suck
< Taters> ahh
< Taters> yes
< Taters> that’s pretty bad, Talia
<@Talia> what’s so bad about it?
< Taters> in terms of things that would make pastubbs go UNREAD UNREAD
<@Talia> ahh, okay
<@Talia> yep
<@Talia> and yes, I was referring to the first redirect ;)
< Taters> i was thinking srs labs
< Taters> which is a it further down
< Taters> i was like, wth is eww about sound technology
<@Talia> heh
< Taters> so, i may not have mentioned it
… after a few minutes…
* @Talia thinks that wiki reference made pastubbs comatose
* Taters smiles shyly
<@Talia> ho, hum. iPhone.
<%pastubbs> yes it did
<@Talia> lol
<%pastubbs> in fact !drink
* %the_big_O sends a triple shot to pastubbs
* @Talia grins evilly
<%pastubbs> !drink
* %the_big_O sends a triple shot to pastubbs
<%pastubbs> I needed another
<@Talia> pastubbs, did you know that they don’t use general anesthetic for it
anymore? Use epidural.
<%pastubbs> why do I keep reading
* @Talia is laughing her ass off
< Taters> i wish i could laugh my ass off
< Taters> damn thing is like
< Taters> needing to be removed
<@Talia> well, more making the ‘outie’ an ‘innie’
<%pastubbs> !drink
* %the_big_O sends a triple shot to pastubbs
< Taters> !drink
* %the_big_O sends a triple shot to Taters
< Taters> nice
<%pastubbs> well gnight folks
< Taters> don’t forget to
< Taters> <inny outy refference>
* %pastubbs ( Quit (Quit: Don’t follow me)
< Taters> my head hurts
<%the_big_O> good
<@Talia> that was too much fun
< Taters> still here he is :p
<%the_big_O> no it wasn’t
<@Talia> I know :D
< Taters> Talia, some people just don’t want to have their outie’s anymore
* @Talia knows this
< Taters> it’s achange from the old hack and slash days of yesteryear
< Taters> what’s theprocess for what they do now? :D
<%the_big_O> ok I’m gone cya tommorow

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