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<~KB9WEC-Mobile> wow
<~KB9WEC-Mobile> just wow
<~KB9WEC-Mobile> flipping through other channels and I see this

(whilst ovserving LordKaT’s Stream)
* HotDog is now known as Mac-1000x
<~Anell> lol
<~Anell> Mac-1000x
< Mac-1000x> :D
* ~Anell eats Mac-1000x
< Mac-1000x> :o
< Mac-1000x> lol
< Allred58> Hello survivors…
< Mac-1000x> Hello Allred58
<~Anell> Needs Mustard
* ~Anell gets some for Mac-1000x
* Allred58 watches
<~Anell> Mac-1000x, your not a very good Hot Dog lol
<~Anell> :P
< Mac-1000x> Aww :(
* Mac-1000x is now known as IceCream
<~Anell> Oh my god! There’s an axe in my head
< Allred58> :|
<~Anell> Oh my god! There’s an exe in my head
< Mac-1000x> What?!
<~Anell> Exe’s are bad -_-
* Mac-1000x takes Axe out of Anell’s head
<~Anell> no
* ~Anell takes it back
< Mac-1000x> o.o ?

* Grapist was kicked by Talia (Grapeshot to stop the wining)
<Grapist> what?
<Grapist> what’s so wrong with me?
<&Talia> ask your therapist?
Kayla wanders in
Nathan stumbles in
<Nathan> I swear im not a think as you drunk I am
<Nathan> as*
<Nathan> that failed
<Cady> i got a little lost several times yesterday
<Cady> =x
<Corey> lost…. as in driving?
<Cady> yup
<Corey> or that kinda lost when you look into Ryan’s eyes and go holy oh my god he
is hawt?
<Corey> er
<Corey> wait thats just me
<Lyoko> master?
<Craighton> Lyoko?
<toop> yes Lyoko
<toop> c’mon
<toop> >_>
<Lyoko> 69
<toop> heh
<Lyoko> ^_^
<toop> Lyoko you want 69 with Craighton?
<Lyoko> Not without lubricant.
<toop> interesting..
<therock247uk> Kayla is so fucking HOT
<Kayla> Uh huh
<Kayla> I’m sure
<kta> YOU’RE sure? feel these nipples!
*cirian75 plays jaws music
*locust sneaks up behind cirian75
*cirian75 180s and steaks locusts lunch money
*Lucane trips cirian75 and gives back money to Locust
<@MagicalAquaX-BNC> Gotta go, cya everyone
<@MagicalAquaX[Away]> Gotta go, cya everyone
<~Burnin`Taco> Please don’t use /amsg here MagicalAquaX[Away]
<@MagicalAquaX[Away]> <Kyle> Please keep the amsgs out of here
<@MagicalAquaX[Away]> <MagicalAquaX[Away]> I didnt mean to Kyle.
<@MagicalAquaX[Away]> <MagicalAquaX[Away]> I was asked to do that on another
<@MagicalAquaX[Away]> <MagicalAquaX[Away]> Apparently XChat did it to all
<@MagicalAquaX[Away]> <MagicalAquaX[Away]> Sorry.
<~Burnin`Taco> Just try avoid a repeat ;)
<@MagicalAquaX[Away]> LOL
<~Burnin`Taco> huh?
<@MagicalAquaX[Away]> <Kyle> Just try avoid a repeat ;)
<~Burnin`Taco> o.O
<~Burnin`Taco> Okay, that’s just weird
<@MagicalAquaX[Away]> Anyway, sorry.
<@MagicalAquaX[Away]> Cya.
<~Burnin`Taco> no prob
<~Burnin`Taco> cya
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