GeekShed Quote Database

<Phil> I hate you Win7…
* paco_the_taco hands phil a copy of vista ultimate
* Phil has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<Anell> Somethin wrong phil??
<paco_the_taco> LAWL.
<Anell> Oh, that’s why
* Phil ( has joined #theshed
* Stig sets mode a #theshed Phil
* Stig gives channel operator status to Phil
<paco_the_taco> wb Phil, why do you hate windows 7? =o
<Phil> cause it breaks all the time
<tengrrl> he dislikes odd numbers
<Phil> it’s developed a new trick
<Phil> whereby it won’t actually kill some processes that have locked up
<paco_the_taco> >:o
<Anell> Oh
<Anell> I thought it was the connection issue :p
<tengrrl> That’s the AutoResiliency Feature
<Craighton> how is this MY FAULT… Phil was a dork for /amsging my name
<Phil> I didn’t /amsg
<tengrrl> Craighton: because you were whining for him all evening
<Anell> And when you ask for somethin, you get it :p
<Muad`Dib> but we all know Craighton has a crush on phil, tengrrl
<Craighton> meh
<tengrrl> phil!? phil??! where are you phil??! I can’t figure out a site.
<tengrrl> booohoo
<tengrrl> phil???
<tengrrl> please phil
<tengrrl> come help me
<Anell> bah!
<paco> i would like help also
<paco> please make Craighton quit stealing my tacos
<Phil> lol
<Anell> Taco’s!
* Craighton is now known as taco
<taco> muhahaha
<Anell> I requested them an hour ago, and Craighton stole them!!
<paco> NOOOO!
<paco> stealar!

<@Ash> I sung "I’m a barbie girl" on ventrillo once
* Evolution has quit (Quit: Evolution)
<Dawn> I just listened to a guy say his new home built computer, just as he was
booting it up for the first time, it just shut down, he tested the PS and its working, he
looked at the power connections and they are all plugged in, he gueses he got a bad MB
* Tsui|MacBookPro has quit (Quit: Tsui|MacBookPro)
<Dawn> wow I killed chat :|
* Crisco has quit (Ping timeout)
* Dawn prays to the chat Gods to forgve her
* Zetacon looks up into the sky and see a dark sky with red lightning.
<Zetacon> Too late, the apocalypse is occurring.
* Dawn reminds the chat Gods it aint 2012
<Zetacon> It was supposed to happen this year and then 2012.
<Zetacon> Someone had to have gotten it right. :P
<ChrisPirillo> It’s up!
<ianrule> pleas eno you tube links
* CCMike removes ban on *!*
<tengrrl> ianrule: Chris is allowed to post links in his own channel
<Brigitte> ianrule Chris is allowed to post links here :p
<ChrisPirillo> sorry. :)
<Siva123> Would vista sp1 be a safe upgrade?
<&Pandy> yes
<Siva123> No problems correct?
<&Pandy> if you have Vista you should have all the updates for it
<@myrti> that means sp2
<&Pandy> what myrti said
<Siva123> Because ms stopped support for all vista pcs without a service pack
<&Pandy> well no brainer then
<&Pandy> oh.. wait nvm
(WhiteWolf) what’s the abbreviation to silence a user?
( Tiger) stfu
<&Anell> DeadPixels
<&DeadPixels> Ahem..
* &Anell slaps DeadPixels
* &DeadPixels slaps Anell around a bit with a large trout
* &Anell slaps again
* &DeadPixels slaps Anell around a bit with a large trout
<&Anell> ^_^
<&Anell> DeadPixels : Bots should know better then to fight lol
<&DeadPixels> Ahem..
<&Anell> Well…
Sc4292: ok but is it still possible
%u2022 PC-Tech sighs
Talia: Kissing a Polar Bear is possible, but not recommended
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