GeekShed Quote Database

< Sam[MacPro]> thanks CCMike
< Sam[MacPro]> I’ll notice you what he was typing about you
< Sam[MacPro]> hey sam
< Sam[MacPro]> 17:29
< Sam[MacPro]> can you help m with something?
< Sam[MacPro]> 17:29
< Sam[MacPro]> i can’t chat in the #chriss chat room because of the Voice ( v) stuff
< Sam[MacPro]> 17:29
< Sam[MacPro]> can you tell that to CCMike(that stinking <censored> head)?
< Sam[MacPro]> 17:33
< Sam[MacPro]> tell him im unable to text chat at #chris because of that* You need
voice ( v) (#chris)"
< Sam[MacPro]> crap
< Sam[MacPro]> my bad
< Android> Umm
< Apollo> lol
< Android> Notice fail
<&CCMike> thats QDB material
TheBingsta[NET]: is #services services logging channel?
~Phil-Netbook: no
%mouse: its for felatio services
TheBingsta[NET]: is there a log channel
~Phil-Netbook: yes
TheBingsta[NET]: do you use felatio services not anope?
TheBingsta[NET]: i thought this was anope
~Phil-Netbook: LOL
%mouse facepalms
<@Duffy> The average girl is only 6 inches deep, So, if the penis lets say the
penis is 8inches, the guy is there trying to shove in that extra 2 inches cause
<Mattie> To see a full list of commands go to:
<TheBingsta[NET]> link does not work
<HaydnA> To see a link that doesn’t work go to:
<@Cady> Phil doesn’t have a weewee..btw..
<@Cady> childhood accident.
<Bkil> can you raise Phil Cady?
<Cady> do what to phil?
<Cady> raise? what do you mean by that?
<Bkil> get his attention to IRC
<Bkil> not that, perv
* GeekerAFK wonders how therock247uk gets anything done with everyone hugging and
snuggling him…..
<Linda> good question lol
<THEFOUNDER> He is really a women, he can multitask :P
<Linda> he’s not
<GeekerAFK> lol
<THEFOUNDER> Linda knows from experience
<therock247uk> lmao
<jtsage> "I used to have to wipe many times and it was quite sticky. I always
had to use the brush too, but not any more."
<jtsage> wait, WHAT?
<MichaelLorrey> was that what you had to do after shaking hands with your
<- from here. and yeah, the comments are quite amusing.
<jtsage> but SERIOUSLY, *what* brush?!?
<jtsage> i’m reasonably sure that he/she was doing it wrong….
<MichaelLorrey> actually its from too much fat/oil/lipids in the diet,
<jtsage> sure. but still, what brush?
<MichaelLorrey> and eating diet anything these days you’ll wind up eating a
substance that amplifies the anal leakage issue
<jtsage> and how. i’ve never liked that crap anyway (no pun intended believe it or
<MichaelLorrey> lol I see what you are talking about…. using the brush… lol he
must use the brush that is for cleaning the toilet, on his ass…
<jtsage> i am flabergasted. i can think of no brush, or brush like device that
would be the least bit pleasant (or effective). maybe i’m missing something
<MichaelLorrey> it must be for catching cling-ons
MichaelLorrey> or as we used to say as kids, Klingons around Uranus
<Craighton> I;m just trollin some irc networks looking for people to torment
<@Cady> yeah.
<@Cady> You probs shouldn’t torment me.
* @Cady pokes Craighton’s eye out
<@Cady> "Hey Chris. Whats with your leg. OMG THATS NOT YOUR LEG!"
<@Cady> "Thanks to you our son has a HUGE WANG."
<Trojan> Hello, I’m a bot, please type "rarh" to make me leave, not! :P
* Trojan was kicked by Phil (rarh?)
<&Phil> fuck, it worked
<&Phil> amazing
<%Zetacon> rofl.
<&Phil> that’s a smart bot
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