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<GomezGonzalez> Why are CAPS not allowed on ’em website?
<Phil> what is caps
<Pixie> Typing in caps is considered shouting, and a poor example of manners and
netiquette. Think of it as the internet equivalent of walking into a bar and yelling in
everybody’s face. Turn your caps off please.
<CodeMorph> or farting in church
<RyoX> anyone alive?
<Nobbie> only about 7bn ppl worldwide, which is part of the problem ;)
<Phil> lol
<Nobbie> doubled in the past 50 years
<Nobbie> and that’s Bn in american standards, not metric
<~Steve-AFK> 6:17:18 PM) TheGrimReaper!!!!!!!: LAWL
<~Steve-AFK> (6:17:56 PM) Steve: brb need to go take a shit o.o
<~Steve-AFK> (6:18:01 PM) TheGrimReaper!!!!!!!: >.<
<~Steve-AFK> (6:18:01 PM) TheGrimReaper!!!!!!!: TMI
<~Steve-AFK> (6:18:03 PM) TheGrimReaper!!!!!!!: YOU GAY
<~Steve-AFK> (6:18:05 PM) TheGrimReaper!!!!!!!: >.<
<~Steve-AFK> (6:18:17 PM) Steve: xD
<~Steve-AFK> (6:18:18 PM) Steve: you love it
< Ollie> How does Chris even sound like a woman?
< Pctech37> Ollie: Presenting the power of comcast!!
<edgy> am iI unbanned?
<%Ashryne> no
<%mouse> edgy you are ban evading, you better part now before you are removed
* edgy is now known as Unidentified23899
<%mouse> don’t make me call on an op3r
* Unidentified23899 ( has left
<%mouse> hey it worked
Dmitri> I don’t own a toilet
UncleJohn> Huh??
UncleJohn> Ok if you dont own a toilet dmitri, where do you go?lol
Dmitri> in jars
UncleJohn> :-O
~UncleJohn not going to dmitri’s house.
<MincePie> whos carly
<Joey> my bot
<MincePie> ah cool
–Cut some text out–
<Joey|Away> hehe
* Carly (-) has joined #jake
<Joey|Away> play nice you to
<Joey|Away> two
* &Phil is listening to: Elton John – Candle In The Wind – Windows Media Player
<&Phil> I swear I’m not gay
<&Phil> haha
<&Phil> Elton is Stuzilla|AFK’s idol
<Stuzilla|AFK> fuck off
<Zetacon> Phil, it would explain Stuzilla’s hair style choices recently. >.>
<&Phil> lol
<@gknee> haha
<Stuzilla|AFK> how the fuck does having a mohawk make you Gay?
<Zetacon> Ah, the inevitable question arises.
<Zetacon> Never said anything about the mohawk itself.
<Zetacon> Was more or less referring to the color.
<@Duffy> is it pink?
<Stuzilla|AFK> so Ginger is Gay?
<Stuzilla|AFK> no Its Orange/ginger
<Stuzilla|AFK> UV
<@Duffy> Hahahaha…. Who dies there hair ginger seriously! hasn’t south park
thought you anything lol
<Stuzilla|AFK> taught*
<Zetacon> ROFL
<Stuzilla|AFK> and no
<@Duffy> =P
<&Phil> Stuzilla is commonly know as… a day walker!
<Stuzilla|AFK> -.-
<&Phil-Netbook> <3 1s gline
<~Coreyo> ass
<~Coreyo> /gline Phil 1s bai
<~Pepper> dooo it! :P
<&Phil-Netbook> noes
<&Phil-Netbook> dun gline Phil
<~Pepper> Yush
<~Pepper> line phil.
<~Pepper> y.
<&Phil-Netbook> my idlerpg score sucks enough anyway :P
* &Phil-Netbook ( Quit (User has been banned from GeekShed (ok))
* &Phil ( Quit (User has been banned from GeekShed (ok))
<~Coreyo> hmm
<~Coreyo> guess he didnt update that
* Philzilla ( has joined #freekie
<~Coreyo> <.<
<@Rockbuddy> hows it feel Philzilla :/
* Philzilla is now known as Phil-Netbook
* Salt sets mode: +ao Phil-Netbook Phil-Netbook
<&Phil-Netbook> ihu
<~Pepper> …
<~Pepper> Pihlzilla?
<~Coreyo> need to update that except ban
<~Coreyo> sorry, i thought you were in the no ban zone
<~Coreyo> like me
<~Coreyo> lol
<~Coreyo> muahaha
* ~Coreyo ( Quit (User has been banned from GeekShed (ihu))
<~Pepper> Omg.
<~Pepper> Phil.
<&Ryan> haha
* Coreyo ( has joined #freekie
* Salt sets mode: +qo Coreyo Coreyo
<&Phil-Netbook> k, I’m good ;)
<~Coreyo> whoree
<~Coreyo> lol
<~Pepper> Uuh huh.
<~Coreyo> </3 ipv6
Craighton|XP renamed to Craightonzilla
B00_ renamed to B00Zilla
Codec renamed to Codezilla
Bkil renamed to Bkilzilla
+GodZilla: see i started a trend
@dave: oh god no
@dave: >:
@dave sets mode +b *zilla*!*@* on #chris
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