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<@lunra> Totally not gong to do my English teacher
<@lunra> Um
<@lunra> Not going to do that either, but I meant to write ‘homework’
<lus> how do you make a accont for brad cast
<&Natasha> I’m not sure who Brad Cast is :P
<@archuleta> Broadcast?
* %AndrewE tackles Natasha.
* &Natasha falls
* mk|Android ( has joined #ericjess
* Socrates sets mode: v mk|Android
<@Talia> Brad Cast is Brad Pitt’s injured stunt double
<JVarhol> hey did you know that Rex in latin means king
<yo> anyone who mentions me tell me why
<yo> JVarhol
< Blizzardo1|Muffin> Peer, never the bone again
* &T-Rex nibbles and savours the bone from Peer
< Blizzardo1|Muffin> Feed him raw meat
< Peer> I always throw my pet Dino a bone. :p
* ChrisA ( has joined #chris
< SinTax> T-Rex – does that mean you’re married to bri, because that’d make you
T-King, and Brigitte is Tea-Queen
<ChrisA> cya later manic
<&T-Rex> I just did tell you why you are getting mentioned, yo.
< Peer> That way he doesn’t gain weight. :)
* Christian is now known as Christian[Away]
< Blizzardo1|Muffin> lawl Sintax
<&T-Rex> haha SinTax lawl
–> BC-Guest ( has joined
<BC-Guest> hey guys i have a question about gmail
<BC-Guest> everytime I go to my ex-girlfriend’s email address and password
are automatically typed in. I am sick of looking at it and I want my email pre-typed in
<BC-Guest> i have tried clearing the cache and cookies but it is still in there
<Legion> what browser?
<BC-Guest> firefox
<Legion> Tools -> Options, Select "Security" tab, click "Saved
Passwords" button
<Legion> locate the username/password in the saved passwords, select it and click
<Legion> Then, have a smoke and remember what a bitch she was
[11/07 00:18] <OfficeAngela> quit letting me keep you up
[11/07 00:18] <OfficeAngela> F
[11/07 00:18] <OfficeAngela> don’t twss me on that
<@Corey> what are you upto Hikari?
<@HikariGreen> I am looking for a pic on my laptop and can’t seem to find it.
<@Corey> whats it of?
<@HikariGreen> My cousin.
<@HikariGreen> Found it! ^-^
<@Corey> nice!
<@Talia> you really shouldn’t be looking at nude pics of your cousin ;)
<@HikariGreen> That’s just horrible. xD
<@HikariGreen> But I can’t help it, shhh
* Milo bounces
< Linkin> Milo stop bouncing you aren’t a mac app being launched
<Matt`> does anyone know why people do (connection reset by peer)
<Matt`> does that mean someone your age disconnected you lol
< Oliver>
< Oliver> that’s the internet…
< Linkin> nothing wrong with a 12 year old screaming like a crazy nut
–> BC-Guest ( has joined
<BC-Guest> can anyone help me? My computer wont turn on and wheni PUT A CUP IN
thECUp holDerE it broke off, is that covered under warrenty?
<Legion> breaking the cupholder is not generally covered by the warranty
<Gal|AFK> cute
<BC-Guest> how much will it beto replace it? can i make the computer work with out
<Gal|AFK> might want to go troll the Geek Squad
<Legion> the cup holder is a critical part
<Gal|AFK> they’ll fix ya up
<Legion> it’s part of the flux capacitance assembly
<BC-Guest> What is trolling, and are you sure the geeksqaud will do that?
<BC-Guest> wait…they have something named after the back to the future movie time
travel mechinism!?
<Legion> Geek Squad are professionals when it comes to trolling
<BC-Guest> And they will tell me what that is?
<Legion> Yes, Geek Squad can identify all types of cup holders
<BC-Guest> THANK YOU!!!
<Legion> np
<– BC-Guest has quit (Client exited)
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