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* &Phil is listening to: Elton John – Candle In The Wind – Windows Media Player
<&Phil> I swear I’m not gay
<&Phil> haha
<&Phil> Elton is Stuzilla|AFK’s idol
<Stuzilla|AFK> fuck off
<Zetacon> Phil, it would explain Stuzilla’s hair style choices recently. >.>
<&Phil> lol
<@gknee> haha
<Stuzilla|AFK> how the fuck does having a mohawk make you Gay?
<Zetacon> Ah, the inevitable question arises.
<Zetacon> Never said anything about the mohawk itself.
<Zetacon> Was more or less referring to the color.
<@Duffy> is it pink?
<Stuzilla|AFK> so Ginger is Gay?
<Stuzilla|AFK> no Its Orange/ginger
<Stuzilla|AFK> UV
<@Duffy> Hahahaha…. Who dies there hair ginger seriously! hasn’t south park
thought you anything lol
<Stuzilla|AFK> taught*
<Zetacon> ROFL
<Stuzilla|AFK> and no
<@Duffy> =P
<&Phil> Stuzilla is commonly know as… a day walker!
<Stuzilla|AFK> -.-
<%Bkil> who gets the first kill of the year?
<%Bkil> Stu or LordKat?
* Stuzilla|AFK (~Mail@the.troll.of.geekshed.vhost) Quit (Killed (Phil (Stu. Definately
<Allan> Woofcat: ordered your copy of STO yet?
<Woofcat> ?
<Woofcat> STO?
<Woofcat> Star Trek Original?
<Allan> Star Trek Online
<Allan> the mmo
<Woofcat> Nope
<Woofcat> fuck that
<Allan> it looks bloody epic
<Woofcat> MMO’s are for people who should go outside.
<Allan> outside is where people are. fuck that
<@penelophone> There are many other fruits I would rather fuck than an apple.
<@Kalidor> penelophone and her banana lust
< papachungo13> whoa
< papachungo13> I could only think of banana
<%MornNickB> cucumber seems more suitable to me
< papachungo13> oh forgot about that one
<@penelophone> Bananas… The peel is too waxy.
< papachungo13> #overshare!!!
<@penelophone> Cucumbers are better.
<@penelophone> Yellow squash is great fopr the g-spot.
< papachungo13> good lord!!!
< papachungo13> I need to wash my mind out with soap
<@penelophone> Mk, I’ll shush.
<@penelophone> Didn’t mean to corrupt your mind, papachungo13 :P
< papachungo13> restate: Didn’t mean to corrupt your mind FURTHER
<Phil> this is the first quote in the QDB
<Phil> and it isn’t very funny
<Phil> if any other quotes are as un-funny as this one, I breakayourface
<Heka> "no mom, I havent got laid yet, but I AM at level 15!"
<n3td3v> is looking at porn classed as cheating?
<GreyBeard> depends on the woman usually yes
<GreyBeard> that entirely depends on the gf
<GreyBeard> if she sees it so …IT IS
<Ikcor> taking the porn out to dinner is cheating
<GreyBeard> hahhahahahahaahahah
TheBingsta[NET]: is #services services logging channel?
~Phil-Netbook: no
%mouse: its for felatio services
TheBingsta[NET]: is there a log channel
~Phil-Netbook: yes
TheBingsta[NET]: do you use felatio services not anope?
TheBingsta[NET]: i thought this was anope
~Phil-Netbook: LOL
%mouse facepalms
macs: what do i have to do to prove that i am a geek
~blaster: type /part
macs has left #geeks
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