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<Allan> my ass is rock hard, years of toning it into the shape of my chair
<Cady> oh plz.
<Phil> ha
<Phil> with lines like that, idk why you’re not getting laid as much as Pierce
<Cady> haha
<Allan> one does wonder
<Phil> in this quote, I mean
* Allan points out that RAID6 is the obvious solution
<Allan> haha.
<Phil> k, now I know ^^ ;)
<Allan> all the girls will be like ‘omg! you can withstand 2 concurrent drive
failures!? take me now’
* Cady face palms
<Cady> If you can find a girl that knows what that means
<Pepper> Warning – Phil’s have a very high sex drive and will fuck anything, so be
* Pepper dies
<Pepper> rofl
<Pepper> roffles!
<Duffy> hahaha
<iBen95111> haha
<toop> lmao
<edgy> Kieran the 247 server is fine
<edgy> it’s just someone keeps unplugging it :P
<edgy> jokes
<Kieran> :P
<edgy> prehaps it will be 247fixes irc :P
<Kieran> 247fixes – breaking IRC networks 247
<Kieran> XD
<therock247uk> going out xmas eve and day Phil?
<Phil> yeh
<therock247uk> :P
<Phil> pre-drinking before midnight mass
<Phil> and then not going to midnight mass
<Phil> more beer, less jesus
<Phil> was the general concensus
<therock247uk> hehe
<ResidentNerd> heh
<ResidentNerd> cd /pub
<ResidentNerd> more beer
<Phil> lol
<Phil> you come out with some nerdy yet funny quotes, ResidentNerd
<GomezGonzalez> Why are CAPS not allowed on ’em website?
<Phil> what is caps
<Pixie> Typing in caps is considered shouting, and a poor example of manners and
netiquette. Think of it as the internet equivalent of walking into a bar and yelling in
everybody’s face. Turn your caps off please.
<CodeMorph> or farting in church
<ATV642> why is there a loreal advert above me, im scared :s
<CornishNerd> Because you’re worth it?
<Dawnstar`> [Random Facts] A giraffe has a 20-inch tongue.
<Talia> hmmm, would be more fun on a person :)
<EnglishGeek> ?
<Talia> if you have to ask…
<Talia> you’re too young to know
<MornNickB> ouch
<Katie> awww man.
* Katie rubs mornnickb better
<MornNickB> lol
<chris_ace2> lmao
<chris_ace2> MornNickB I would say that would be an awesome thing to put on a quote
db but no one would know Katie is a bot :)
<Katie> unless a witness steps forward dude..
< TheSlorg> I touched boobs once. Then I ended up with 2 kids and learned my lesson.
Jim was granted voice by Snoopy.
Jim left the chat room. (Broken pipe)
Jim joined the chat room.
Jim was granted voice by Snoopy.
freakboy31: Hey Jim
freakboy31: you have pipes broken
freakboy31: you need to call a carpenter
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