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<~Sam[MacPro]> na went to a car park
<~CornishNerd> oooh nice
<~CornishNerd> just you
<~CornishNerd> your friend
<~CornishNerd> empty car park
< ~CornishNerd> sooooooo what we gonna do
< ~Brigitte> rrooommmmmmmaaaaaannnnnnnnccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeee
~CornishNerd throws a Durex thru the window
<~Sam[MacPro]> its hard in his car
<~Brigitte> is it?
<~CornishNerd> lmfao
<~Sam[MacPro]> freeking can’t flick the steering around quick
<~CornishNerd> It’s hard is it
<~Sam[MacPro]> oh ffs!
<~Sam[MacPro]> you bastards
~CandyCane dances
~Radien licks CandyCane
<~CandyCane> I’m pretty sure you ain’t sposed to do that
<~Radien> oh why not?
<~Radien> your a candycane right?
<~CandyCane> a taken one :p
<~Radien> oh im okay with that..
<~Radien> i’ll give you back once im done licking it
<~Radien> er you
* ~ChristmasStar facepalms
* ~BadSanta rolls eyes
<comments247> I consider invasion of privacy that you cant kick me with my ip adress
<comments247> I demand the completely and instantly shut down of internet

You heard it, folks. The Internet needs to be shut down!
<Phil-Flash`> although, could you perhaps add a 5 second delay between whe the topic
gets to the end and when it turns around and goes back?
< BigRedPimp> yeah.
<Phil-Flash`> it’s bouncing around like a large lady with no bra
<Phil-Flash`> and it’s quite mezmerizing ;)
<Zetacon> O_o
< Duffy> rofl
< BigRedPimp> go to your options. check that "Show Friend Login Notices"
is on and /friend BigRedPimp[Flash]
<Zetacon> Nice comparison…I think…
<RyoX> anyone alive?
<Nobbie> only about 7bn ppl worldwide, which is part of the problem ;)
<Phil> lol
<Nobbie> doubled in the past 50 years
<Nobbie> and that’s Bn in american standards, not metric
<User_8679> Lol Whats the best hacker name: BlackRa1n, Corrupt, Scorpion, Pheonix,
or Hax0r,
< CCMike> n00b
* Stuzilla is now known as Jesus
* Mist is now known as God
* Jesus has quit (Killed (God (You are no son of mine. Repent!)))
* Stuzilla ( has joined #help
* DrPepper gives voice to Stuzilla
* Stuzilla is now known as jesus
* jesus has quit (Killed (God (See previous statement: You are no son of mine. So there’ll
be no child support. In any case, that’d be paid out to your mother, the poor thing.)))
<rygavs> but time to set up my reciever
<rygavs> also,
<rygavs> open box items are the best invention ever
<rygavs> FUCK
<MornNickB> ohh dear
<rygavs> back to bestbuy
<penelope> I guess they’re not the best invention ever, then.
<~Kat> Katie go down on Danneh
<@shaggysi0> she learnt that off Lexie
<Alexis> I can’t swallow that!
<Radien> go for it Alexis
* Lexie shoves her "cock" in Alexis’ mouth.
<Alexis> ooh more, more! MORE!

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