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<Lexie> !topic #LexiesDomain // fetishes

<Katie> -typo
<Lexie> ..
<Kat> Katie I love you
* Allan puts his giant demon squid back in his pants…
<Allan> how did that get out
* Kat snorts at Allan
<AlastorMoody> >.>
<shaggysi0> LOL
<AlastorMoody> oh God
<Kat> that was actually damn funneh
<Kat> I’m still snickering
<shaggysi0> it was very well timed
<Lexie> WAIT
<Lexie> tentacles.
* Lexie steals Allan off
<Kat> !
<shaggysi0> LOL
<Lexie> You and I shall be /very/ good friends.

<Helio> it’s fun to manipulate a solar system so that, for example, the rotation of
stars in a binary star system causes it to shoot out a small planet at a high velocity out
of the system entirely
<nobody> you would make a horrible god helio
<keving> How do I set a laser printer to stun?
< Craighton> Phil is smokin’ HOT
<locust> i’d like to give a shout out to all those elevators.. for picking me up
when i’m down..
<Blizzardo1|Mac> .__.
<@lunra> Totally not gong to do my English teacher
<@lunra> Um
<@lunra> Not going to do that either, but I meant to write ‘homework’
* Milo bounces
< Linkin> Milo stop bouncing you aren’t a mac app being launched
<OrcarinaOfAwsome> im 13 yrs old
<myrti> :)
<myrti> that’s cool
<OrcarinaOfAwsome> how old r u?
<myrti> twice as old as you
<OrcarinaOfAwsome> so 26- thats kinda gross

< debbie> Yo I tell you what I want what I really really want.
<&Natasha> So tell me what you want what you really really want!
< debbie> :)
< debbie> I am glad to know you remembered them
<&Natasha> Hell yeah! Posh Spice ftw
< debbie> I used to have a boom box and sing with friends in my driveway
<&Natasha> :D Good times
< debbie> Oh, it is no wonder why people walking would make a quick U-turn.
< debbie> You must have been little then though Tash
< Allred58_LT> I liked some of The Spice Girls’ songs.
<&Natasha> I was Posh Spice, my sis was Baby, cousin Cassandra was Sporty,
neighbor Tina was Ginger, friend Kelly was Scary, and cousin Brendan was the bus driver!
<&Natasha> Poor Brendan.
* debbie gets up and dances to wannabe
< debbie> Yup, I still got it.
* MissCelsey dances with debra
< Allred58_LT> lol on ‘poor Brendan.’
<&Natasha> That song never made sense to me really. "If you wanna be my
lover, you gotta get with my friends?"
<&Natasha> Like, huh?
< Allred58_LT> 2 Become One… :)
<&Natasha> Mama :D
< MissCelsey> Big Mama 2
< MissCelsey> O_O
<&AlastorMoody> So iPad 2.
<&AlastorMoody> Discuss!
* &AlastorMoody walks back out
<Katie> So do you want some coffee, or would you just prefer a quick fuck on the
<Katie> UNF.

well, I guess you have my answer ;)
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