GeekShed Quote Database

<Phil> I hate you Win7…
* paco_the_taco hands phil a copy of vista ultimate
* Phil has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<Anell> Somethin wrong phil??
<paco_the_taco> LAWL.
<Anell> Oh, that’s why
<@tengrrl> Craighton, AlastorMoody: naughty
* %AlastorMoody grabs the fish
<%AlastorMoody> dont make me use this!
* Craighton grabs tengrrl
<Craighton> don’t make me use this
* %AlastorMoody grabs Corey
<%AlastorMoody> what now?
* Craighton grabs Kat
<Craighton> Yea What now
* %AlastorMoody grabs Allan
* Craighton grabs Phil
<Craighton> bring it
<%AlastorMoody> Allan vs. Phil
<%AlastorMoody> hard to say
<Craighton> I have a british person he will take down a canidian any day
<@tengrrl> I see two little boys who belong in #timeout
* amztechtalk (~IceChat7@EDDA386.23B20E25.21526884.IP) has joined #bots
<amztechtalk> hello
<DG> hi
<amztechtalk> does anyone now how to make bot scripts?
<&Phil> yup
<amztechtalk> how can i make them?
<&Phil> learn a programming/scripting language
<amztechtalk> how?
<&Phil> buy a book?
<&Phil> go to classes?
<&Phil> read some websites?
<amztechtalk> seriously?
<amztechtalk> ok
<&Phil> or
<&Phil> you could do what they do on the Matrix
<amztechtalk> or?
<amztechtalk> what?
<&Phil> and learn it without doing any work
<amztechtalk> what do i do/
<amztechtalk> ?
* &Phil rolls eyes
<&Phil> baking soda helps
<amztechtalk> hmm
<&Phil> orange food colouring also
<Allan> Phil
<Allan> what music to you listen to while you Dev
<Phil> see Skype
<Phil> that’s my playlist of the moment
<Allan> nice
<Allan> phil uses windows media player
* Allan points
<Allan> Mock that man
<Bkil> What?
<Phil> haha
<Allan> also
<Allan> phil
<Allan> Avril Lavigne
<Bkil> How could you?
<Allan> wtf
<Phil> :D
<~Cady> CHILD BIRTH is sexual to you
<~Cady> geez.
< Stuzilla|AFK> im aware of this
< Stuzilla|AFK> ahaha
< Stuzilla|AFK> Wait..
< Stuzilla|AFK> ew
<Craighton> I;m just trollin some irc networks looking for people to torment
<@Cady> yeah.
<@Cady> You probs shouldn’t torment me.
* @Cady pokes Craighton’s eye out
<@Cady> "Hey Chris. Whats with your leg. OMG THATS NOT YOUR LEG!"
<@Cady> "Thanks to you our son has a HUGE WANG."
<&CCMike> I am on a channel or two someplace, I think it’s on a network, wtf is
an o-line, i can hop on one foot, i have a voice and drive people nuts with it, and i
can’t control myself let alone have power over others
< Craighton> OMG, my Mac says less than one minute on the installation and it has
been 30 minutes
* Craighton kicks his Mac
< Craighton> oh crap, oh crap, kernel panic
<&Phil> My name is Jack (deedle-deedle-deedle-dum),
<&Phil> I’m a necrophiliac (deedle-deedle-deedle-dum),
<&Phil> I fucks dead wimmen (deedle-deedle-deedle-dum),
<&Phil> And I fills ’em full of jism.
<&Phil> I get frustrated (deedle-deedle-deedle-dum),
<&Phil> When they’re cremated (deedle-deedle-deedle-dum),
<&Phil> Cause try as I must (deedle-deedle-deedle-dum),
<&Phil> I can’t fuck dust!
<Dancer> Phil for christmas this year I want um..three new servers
<Bears_Grandpa> three servers, two static IPs and a dual-failover aggregate switch
<OmniDragon> and a partridge in a pear tree
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