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<nsGuajiro> *yast ncurses is the best graphical packagemanager ive ever used*
<jlim> remember the first time i used debian. i came from ubuntu and tried to
install ppas lol, borked the whole thing lol
<kitsunekitty> nsGuajiro, that almost sounds trollish. the GTK Yast is just as good
<nsGuajiro> jlim: I just accidentally did that to a mint box that I forgot was
debian and not ubuntu based
<jlim> nsGuajiro: lol
<nsGuajiro> kitsunekitty: Booo! GTK is too bloated!
<nsGuajiro> :p
<kitsunekitty> nsGuajiro, Gnome is amazing though
<kitsunekitty> if Gnome were a dude… I’d let him pork me in the butt
* nsGuajiro is a KDE user
<nsGuajiro> …
<nsGuajiro> weird
<kitsunekitty> especially if $20 was involved
* poot is now known as Gnome
<Gnome> i’m a dude
<kitsunekitty> poot: LMAO
<Captain_Battletoad> >:{
<Tyler> oO
<Tyler> kitsunekitty: Gnome, get a room. ;)
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