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<&Phil> chance of data loss doubles as the number of drives doubles
<&Phil> so they say you’re supposed to lose 1 drive every 10 years
<@Pierce> ill have 3 drives, the 2 current samsung drives will be for the raid0
<NthDegree> Phil, that is what SSDs are for ^^
<&Phil> so 10 drives in RAID0 means you’re going to lose your data within a year
<@Pierce> you know condoms have a failure rate of 1/1000, doesnt mean in 3 years
your going to end up with a baby
< Schoen|Attic> lol
<iWantAnswers> o-o
< toop> haha
<@Pierce> of active fun every night
<&Phil> you have sex 1000 times in 3 years?
<&Phil> lol
<@Pierce> once a day
<&Phil> you’re my idol
<&Phil> :P
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