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#cooldude13233Cooldude being Cooldude / cooldude13233 (Jordie) is probably here or not (check the User List or read my Social networks ;p) / Welcome to #cooldude13233! Feel free to add this chan to your auto join and idle here / #cooldude13233 is NOT a place for drama'11
#poetrysoup> April 9th the birthday of Charles Baudelaire Welcome!!!!!!!!!!11
#unoWelcome to Uno | Uno commands: | !uno to start the game9
#pdxlinuxPortland Linux/Unix Group – Come for the software, stay for the community –
#vhostsThe VHost policy can be found at – Type !request <vhost> (e.g. !request to request a vhost || Once you have been dealt with, please part the channel – NO LURKING ALLOWED8
#britishtechnetworkLive at
#allred58Welcome to #Allred58.// Topic: Automation of Things // We serve Bacon all day, every day!8
#ircnow#ircnow IRCNOW: ( free bouncers, shell accounts, VPNs, and email services8
#francebienvenue l'art, la culture et la posie8
#philDo you need hairloss counseling? Talk to SicoBNC.7
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