IRC special Bot commands help

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IRC special Bot commands help

Postby bcrthe1st » Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:22 am

I run a meta (superfluous information, sure), and in our old DALnet channel, we had a bot that when a command was typed, it would recite in the form of a private message information that could be updated by any OP.
I'll list the ones we had:

!Task - this would list any tasks to be done for the day, there could be up to four (I don't know why the arbitrary limitation of four). Also, meta members who took tasks (not an OP, just anyone) could then type "!Task 1 Complete" no quotes obviously, and this would remove the task from the list, so that nobody else could pick it up.

!Plan - Would give the daily plan in this format:

Day (day number) - updated by an OP typing !Day (number)

Build: (build list) - updated by an OP typing !Build (any text could go here)

Vote: (the daily upgrade to be voted on that day) - Updated by any OP typing !Vote (any text could go here)

(then there would also be some general text describing the gist of the days activities, the MOTD. One could update the MOTD by being an OP and typing "!MOTD Get the bot working finally" for example)

This was a major draw for signups and helped the newbs get a grip on the daily activities, and it's vital to my meta to continue to be successful.
I run 39 other people, I'm the leader, and my tech chick has gone, leaving me with a brand new mibbit IRC channel I had to make, since she was founder of our old channel, and the old bot was only available when she was logged in.
She lived on the IRC though, so it wasn't an issue.

Look my question is, do you know of anything I can setup that could be similar?
I'd be grateful to anyone who could help.
If someone wants to be extra cool, they can come into the channel and I'll give them OPs, and they can show me/set it up.

If it comes down to it, I'll pay.

Thanks in advance for anyone who helps me with this.
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