Chat for your site questions

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Chat for your site questions

Postby AliceCheshireSmile » Thu Sep 24, 2015 3:12 am

Hi, sorry to seem like such a jerk here. I'm new and the first 5 seconds I'm asking people to help me, wow! Please don't hate me, lol. Also I'm terrible at this stuff, basically hopeless.

So I'm using the Chat for your site thing to add a chat to my website which happens to be a forum based site. Everyone has to log in and have an account to enter the site, so members only thing. What I'd like to do is have the chat set up so either their user name shows up and they can change it with the /nick once in chat or so the Nickname and password are the same as the forum log in ones. I would imagine there is someway to do this?

Also the ability to Moderate the chat is important I know there is a list of commands associated with that but is there something I need to set up to make me the admin of the chat or am I that as default? I need to be able to ban and kick people for breaking rules but I also don't want normal chatters being able to do that to each other if they find this list.

I'm really sorry if these are the dumbest questions you've ever seen, I'm just terrible at this and trying hard to learn. :3
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Re: Chat for your site questions

Postby dfktz » Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:47 pm

albiet its been basically a week since you asked so, don't know if you're still checking but, if you put their setup(the geekshed 'chat for your site') for a web based client on there, you would need to get them to customize things for you for anything alike a nick sync up, if you chose to use any of the other hundred web irc clients available(and networks if need be), some might offer easier ways to implement this, google is your friend here.

And if you open a channel on basically every network, yep, you're the admin, you can kick and ban people all you want, you can make your channel private or even require a password to join, just search irc channel commands on google for a list and probably a better understanding.

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