Need Help With Channel And Eggdrop Bot

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Need Help With Channel And Eggdrop Bot

Postby Mike05 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 11:05 pm

Hello Friends and Support;
I'm a newbie I installed UnrealIRCD 5.x Anope-2.0.0 Eggdrop-1.8.4. Every thing is running no errors what so ever. I messaged the bot, and set password.
But I think some there is a some sort of configuration problem. Bot is not kicking , voicing or oping, I mean bot is not doing any thing. Bot is set to kick user who say the bad word, I logged in from different system using different IP, and Said bad word to test the bot, and bot is not kicking at all. And Then I tried to kick the user tester but nothing happened. The Seen bot is working fine. What do I need to do? I'm a IRCOp and can't even kick or voice users.

Please help. I would highly appreciate your help.
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Re: Need Help With Channel And Eggdrop Bot

Postby therock247uk » Sun Mar 28, 2021 12:06 am

As i stated in your last post this forum is for GeekShed help only not a ircd/anope support forum. Closing
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