help with channel mode/control

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help with channel mode/control

Postby raycomp » Sat Jul 23, 2016 5:59 am

I am running an adult only (not porn) channel on the network Age restriction +18 only . I am planning to also add a family chat room on the same network.

The idea is to prevent private chats, so all discussions only in the main room. Then also to prevent chatters from joining both rooms at the same time, excluding operators.

I have no idea how to manage this and all help will be appreciated. Running version Unreal3.2.10 with anope services

Qeustions thus
1. code, setting or mode to prevent queries (pvt messages)? notice nick will be allowed

2. how to prevent a user from joining both channels at the same time. Eg can only be in #adultchat and not at the same time in #familychat and vice versa? Only ops to join both. something like if:
if $nick is on #adultchat .notice $nick you are not allowed in both rooms at the same time....

Have tried but cant get anything to work,
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Re: help with channel mode/control

Postby Amyashi » Sat Jul 23, 2016 1:35 pm

Going to your first point, GeekShed automatically sets user mode +R for each new connection. This mode blocks private messages from unregistered users. The only way around this is for the user to manually remove it by using /umode2 -R. If you want to bring this to a more strict standard, you would need to craft your web-client to set user mode +D. This will block all private messages, exception being those with an o-line. More information about this can be found here.

Your second point is a bit more complex, but doable on GeekShed because we support extended ban modes. You will need to set a channel ban on each channel targeting the other channel. This will prevent someone in channel A from joining channel B, in vice versa. In order to exception channel operators you have to add them as an exception for each channel. Information on channel bans can be found here. Once you setup channel bans, add exceptions for all your ops using /mode #channel +e *!*

Keep in mind that these settings can be easily circumvented if a user joins with two different nicks. They would be able to join both channels by using this method. Additionally, age verification is un unrealistic measure online and we must stress the importance of following the Terms of Service for GeekShed.

If you have any other channels or concerns, please let us know.

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