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<SP5WWP> now idk how to name the board with keypad and display
<kc1awv_> key/dis board
<kc1awv_> disp
<SP5WWP> front board? ;D
<SP5WWP> interface board
<SP5WWP> how about that?
<kc1awv_> human interface board
<SP5WWP> cool
<SP5WWP> human machine interface, HMI
<kc1awv_> visual and tactile sensory input output system board
<SP5WWP> hardware expandable visual and tactile sensory input output system board
<kc1awv_> and smells of peaches
<Magic-Fx> im new here, is it busy or idle?
<Magic-Fx> wheres people from?
<@Tommy`> Alpha Centauri
<@Tommy`> sometimes chat happens, sometimes not, depends on who wants to respond and
<@Tommy`> lots of other channels on the server too, you can do /list to see some
<Magic-Fx> aw yeah no idea where that is, I’m from New Zealand
<Magic-Fx> ohhhh its in Australia?
<@Tommy`> not quite
<Magic-Fx> tas/
<Magic-Fx> oh nah wait
<Magic-Fx> A, b, Ab, or C?
<@Tommy`> C of course
<Magic-Fx> figures
<Magic-Fx> free wifi there?
<@Tommy`> nah, costs an arm and a leg, hard to get around after you pay
<@Tommy`> and typing one handed is not easy
<Magic-Fx> yeah I bet, bet the blood thickens quick in the heat
<@Tommy`> if your neutrons are not aligned, yep
<Magic-Fx> I hear that happened to Bin laden
<@Tommy`> he lost focus, total neutron separation
<Magic-Fx> hahaha my misses is looking at me in total neutron sepeation
<@Tommy`> that happens, use a mirror
<Magic-Fx> thanks will give it a go
<locust> "WHAT ARE PERMISSIONS?!?" — Windows
<nsGuajiro> *yast ncurses is the best graphical packagemanager ive ever used*
<jlim> remember the first time i used debian. i came from ubuntu and tried to
install ppas lol, borked the whole thing lol
<kitsunekitty> nsGuajiro, that almost sounds trollish. the GTK Yast is just as good
<nsGuajiro> jlim: I just accidentally did that to a mint box that I forgot was
debian and not ubuntu based
<jlim> nsGuajiro: lol
<nsGuajiro> kitsunekitty: Booo! GTK is too bloated!
<nsGuajiro> :p
<kitsunekitty> nsGuajiro, Gnome is amazing though
<kitsunekitty> if Gnome were a dude… I’d let him pork me in the butt
* nsGuajiro is a KDE user
<nsGuajiro> …
<nsGuajiro> weird
<kitsunekitty> especially if $20 was involved
* poot is now known as Gnome
<Gnome> i’m a dude
<kitsunekitty> poot: LMAO
<Captain_Battletoad> >:{
<Tyler> oO
<Tyler> kitsunekitty: Gnome, get a room. ;)
* <Outgoing kookieless (
* <Incoming Holst ( "#chris">
* Snoopy sets mode: v Holst
< Holst> Someone say my name?
* Holst looks at locust
< Blizzardo1> Say my name, say my name
< Holst> Love me, hate me, blame!
< KtecK> if you say Holst’s name 3 times his bandwith cap will tripple
< Holst> say it 4 and I slap KtecK with a large sea bass
< KtecK> lol
< Blizzardo1> No… If you say Holst’s name 3 times, his bandwidth limit would
decrease by 9000%
<Mintmayan> Holst Holst Holst
<Mintmayan> muahahahaha :D
* <Out Holst ( "Quit: Holst" >
< Blizzardo1> Yus! xD
<Mintmayan> oh shi-
* <Incoming Holst ( "#chris">
* Snoopy sets mode: v Holst
< Holst> son of a…!
<Mintmayan> ok I won’t do that again lol
<Fort> Not having 75 feet of CAT5 running down my hallway….
<Torikun> yup
<Fort> Old house, one phone jack is in the living room, office is at the opposite
end of the house.
<Blackinator101> Fort, I have like 50 feet of Cat7 running down my hallway ;D
<HawkinsTheWizard> Fort, put it in the roof
<Fort> I don’t do construction work anymore. 7 cats with 50 feet? Sounds like a
bad Syfy movie….. Cat-nado!
* Gon (~TFlash@64DA811E.19AC5AE8.D60FC824.IP) has joined
<Gon> anybody know how to hack?
<Gon> a good kind of hack
* Gon is now known as Unidentified7007
<Allen> Yes I do, you’ll need a hatchet and a tree.
<Unidentified7007> and what will I do with them?
<Allen> You’ll hack the tree down.
<Unidentified7007> give them codes or something?
<Unidentified7007> ag
<Unidentified7007> ah
<JayTee84> You don’t necessarily need a hatchet. you can use a swiss army knife and
or a hack saw depending on the width of the tree you are trying to "hack"
<Allen> or an axe
<JayTee84> or for this guy I would recommend maybe a butter knife
<Allen> True
<Unidentified7007> fillet?
<JayTee84> a very dull butter knife
<FERRELL285> who is the building
<@Coyote`> talk to the walls, they know
<FERRELL285> yeah but there is one problem. THEY CANT TALK
<@Coyote`> you haven’t translated to the right language
<FERRELL285> there is no language
<@Coyote`> if you can’t speak wall, then you are out of luck
<@Coyote`> unless you can speak mortar
<@Coyote`> then you have a foundation
* @Zetacon plays the drums. *ba dum dish*
* @Coyote` bows

<BigC> Allan is not here. thats a surprise
<BluPhenix316> it is close to the holidays
<BluPhenix316> maybe he is visiting people
<BigC> i figured he was at another *BSD conference
<BluPhenix316> BigC: the man is allowed to have a life outside of computers isn’t
he? =P
<BigC> BluPhenix316: Actually, Allan is the embodiment of all things BSD. He eats,
sleeps, and dreams of the world of BSD. He shuns all things not under the permissive BSD
license. Any attempt to persuade him otherwise with other software, e.g. linux or GNU, are
met with a swift response as to why they are inferior to *BSD.
bill12780 Well you fine peoples I need to go to bed. I woke up in my dinner plate with a
manwich stuck to my face last night.
Hey_Davey makes a good after shave
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