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penis was kicked by blaster (Please change your nick.)
<@12@blaster> that’s gonna hurt….
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> Pierce
<Pepper> …
<Pierce> Pepper, stop bugging me for sex, im tired, and i thought id never say this
but its too sore
<Pepper> omg.
<Pepper> Its too small.
<Pepper> I couldn’t find it.
<Pepper> =[
<Pierce> you werent like that last night
<Pepper> Pshh..
<Pepper> There was no last night.
<Pepper> =P
<Unidentified7015> chris u need to get a life
<ChrisPirillo> that was stupid, mr. unidentified.
*** Ryan sets mode: bb ~q:*!*
<ChrisPirillo> Ryan smacked your ass down, yo.
jimbob123: who is blaster thinking he is dude i can take this whole website down with my
@blaster: jimbob123 and?
jimbob123: dude i can keylog u and steal every thing from u
@blaster: go for it
@blaster: here’s my IP
jimbob123: i can say your ip address right now
@blaster: ok what is it
@blaster: jimbob123 what’s my IP??
@blaster: well done
&Fort: NO place like home…..
&Fort: Good job.

<&Phil-Netbook> <3 1s gline
<~Coreyo> ass
<~Coreyo> /gline Phil 1s bai
<~Pepper> dooo it! :P
<&Phil-Netbook> noes
<&Phil-Netbook> dun gline Phil
<~Pepper> Yush
<~Pepper> line phil.
<~Pepper> y.
<&Phil-Netbook> my idlerpg score sucks enough anyway :P
* &Phil-Netbook ( Quit (User has been banned from GeekShed (ok))
* &Phil ( Quit (User has been banned from GeekShed (ok))
<~Coreyo> hmm
<~Coreyo> guess he didnt update that
* Philzilla ( has joined #freekie
<~Coreyo> <.<
<@Rockbuddy> hows it feel Philzilla :/
* Philzilla is now known as Phil-Netbook
* Salt sets mode: +ao Phil-Netbook Phil-Netbook
<&Phil-Netbook> ihu
<~Pepper> …
<~Pepper> Pihlzilla?
<~Coreyo> need to update that except ban
<~Coreyo> sorry, i thought you were in the no ban zone
<~Coreyo> like me
<~Coreyo> lol
<~Coreyo> muahaha
* ~Coreyo ( Quit (User has been banned from GeekShed (ihu))
<~Pepper> Omg.
<~Pepper> Phil.
<&Ryan> haha
* Coreyo ( has joined #freekie
* Salt sets mode: +qo Coreyo Coreyo
<&Phil-Netbook> k, I’m good ;)
<~Coreyo> whoree
<~Coreyo> lol
<~Pepper> Uuh huh.
<~Coreyo> </3 ipv6
<&Phil-Netbook> I haven’t used a pen to write anything for ages
<&Phil-Netbook> just tried
<&Phil-Netbook> my hand doesn’t move as it should
<&Phil-Netbook> lol
< Dmitri> pen? is it a usb one?
<&Phil-Netbook> lol
<%CornishNerd> A ‘pen’? *Googles it*
< Dmitri> lol
< Dmitri> I can picture Phil writing with his pen, making a mistake and looking for
the backspace key on the pen
< cirian75> lol
<&Phil-Netbook> tried that
<&Phil-Netbook> apparently it doesn’t have one
<&Phil-Netbook> which moron invented these things?
< Apollo> egyptians or the chinese
<&Phil-Netbook> Mr Pen of, so I heard
< Apollo> !!
< Dmitri> of what land?
* %CornishNerd facepalms
< Apollo> whhhaa?!
<&Phil-Netbook> pen island
< Haarukka> pen is land? :D
<%CornishNerd> lmao
< Apollo> i cant stop laughing hey
<&Phil-Netbook> idk what you were thinking
<&Phil-Netbook> gawd
<Terminal> smutty bunch :P
<&Phil-Netbook> this is a family friendly chat roonm
<&Phil-Netbook> -n
< Apollo> spilt my tea as well
<&Phil> chance of data loss doubles as the number of drives doubles
<&Phil> so they say you’re supposed to lose 1 drive every 10 years
<@Pierce> ill have 3 drives, the 2 current samsung drives will be for the raid0
<NthDegree> Phil, that is what SSDs are for ^^
<&Phil> so 10 drives in RAID0 means you’re going to lose your data within a year
<@Pierce> you know condoms have a failure rate of 1/1000, doesnt mean in 3 years
your going to end up with a baby
< Schoen|Attic> lol
<iWantAnswers> o-o
< toop> haha
<@Pierce> of active fun every night
<&Phil> you have sex 1000 times in 3 years?
<&Phil> lol
<@Pierce> once a day
<&Phil> you’re my idol
<&Phil> :P
<~Phil> yes, I’m a moron
Craighton|XP renamed to Craightonzilla
B00_ renamed to B00Zilla
Codec renamed to Codezilla
Bkil renamed to Bkilzilla
+GodZilla: see i started a trend
@dave: oh god no
@dave: >:
@dave sets mode +b *zilla*!*@* on #chris
Chillsy>===== Question 149118/226749 (Hint 3/3) =====
Chillsy>Hint: ob***u*
Ellarella> obtuse
Ellarella> oops
Chillsy>You’re going to have to try harder! The answer was obvious. Let’s see if you
can get the next one…
Ellarella> haha
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