In short, no. You cannot apply to join the GeekShed staff team. When a vacancy for a staff position comes up, current staff will nominate and vote on how best to fill that position. These nominations will be based on…

  • Time spent on the network – Every current staff member has been on the network for at least 3 years – some more than 10 years
  • Activity on the network – People who chat in different channels regularly will have a better appreciation of how the network runs
  • Work ethos – Managing an IRC network is not an easy job. It takes much time and much patience to do effectively. It is certainly not about power as, with power comes great responsibility. As a representative of Geek Shed Ltd. your actions are accountable to the company. Staff must be able to work hard and always present GeekShed in the best possible light.
  • Helpfulness – Nobody will be considered for a staff position if they do not regularly help out in #help
  • Communication skills – It is very important that staff can effectively communicate with users and other staff. If you cannot spell or lack the ability to use punctuation, you will not be considered for a staff position
  • Technical knowledge – A strong technical knowledge of programming, networking protocols, *nix server administration and IRC server administration is a definite bonus for staff to have
  • Problem solving and decision making – Staff must be able to logically solve problems and make calm and collected decisions. Without this ability, you cannot effectively moderate an IRC network
  • Adaptability – You must be able to adapt to changing situations. Every situation you must deal with is different and there is no place for “canned” responses.

Please do not ask to join the staff team as you will only be referred back to this page. Take on board the points above and, one day, you might be asked to join us.