Services admins can also drop any nickname without needing to identify for the nick, and may view the access list for any nickname (/msg NickServ ACCESS LIST nick).

     Syntax: /msg NickServ  LOGOUT [nickname [REVALIDATE]]
     Without a parameter, reverses the effect of the IDENTIFY
     command, i.e. make you not recognized as the real owner of the nick
     anymore. Note, however, that you won't be asked to reidentify
     With a parameter, does the same for the given nick. If you
     specify REVALIDATE as well, Services will ask the given nick
     to re-identify. This use limited to Services admins.
  • DROP
     Syntax: /msg NickServ  DROP [nickname]
     Without a parameter, drops your nickname from the
     NickServ database.
     With a parameter, drops the named nick from the database.
     You may drop any nick within your group without any
     special privileges.
     Dropping any nick is limited to  Services admins.
  • LIST
     Syntax: /msg NickServ  LIST pattern [FORBIDDEN] [SUSPENDED] [NOEXPIRE] [UNCONFIRMED]
     Lists all registered nicknames which match the given
     pattern, in nick!user@host format.  Nicks with the PRIVATE
     option set will only be displayed to Services admins.  Nicks
     with the NOEXPIRE option set will have a ! appended to
     the nickname for Services admins.
     If the FORBIDDEN, SUSPENDED, NOEXPIRE or UNCONFIRMED options are given, only
     nicks which, respectively, are FORBIDDEN, SUSPENDED, UNCONFIRMED or have the
     NOEXPIRE flag set will be displayed. If multiple options are
     given, all nicks matching at least one option will be displayed.
     These options are limited to Services admins.  
         LIST *!
             Lists all registered nicks owned by
         LIST *Bot*!*@*
             Lists all registered nicks with Bot in their
             names (case insensitive).
         LIST * NOEXPIRE
             Lists all registered nicks which have been set to
             not expire.
     Syntax: /msg NickServ  ALIST [nickname] [level]
     With no parameters, lists channels you have access on. With
     one parameter, lists channels that nickname has access
     on. With two parameters lists channels that nickname has
     level access or greater on.
     This use limited to Services admins.
     Syntax: /msg NickServ  GLIST [nickname]
     Without a parameter, lists all nicknames that are in
     your group.
     With a parameter, lists all nicknames that are in the
     group of the given nick.
     This use limited to Services admins.
     Syntax: /msg NickServ  GETPASS nickname
     Returns the password for the given nickname.  Note that
     whenever this command is used, a message including the
     person who issued the command and the nickname it was used
     on will be logged and sent out as a WALLOPS/GLOBOPS.
     This command is unavailable because encryption is enabled.
     Syntax: /msg NickServ  FORBID nickname [reason]
     Disallows a nickname from being registered or used by
     anyone.  May be cancelled by dropping the nick.
     On certain networks, reason is required.
  • INFO
     Services admins may use the ALL parameter with any nick.