A Tip for Connecting with Mibbit

Mibbit is a free, Javascript-based IRC client that can be embedded on a web page or used from the Mibbit site to connect to GeekShed. To connect properly, Mibbit needs to pass the correct information to the GeekShed server.

If you type out a server name for Mibbit , your personal information (like your IP address) can be revealed to everyone. To protect your privacy, please be sure to choose GeekShed from the list of networks on the Mibbit site. Do not click the “Server” link to enter a server name.

Here’s what that part of your screen will look like:

Mibbit Server Choice

If you have any other questions about using Mibbit, check out the documentation on the Mibbit site.


—posted by Tengrrl/Bunny


If You Use The Mibbit Chat Widget…

If you use the Mibbit chat widget on your site, please ensure that server messages are visible to users. Having it disabled makes it so the server and services messages to the user are not displayed, and this can cause confusion (e.g. when the user is using a registered nick and all of a sudden their nick is changed and they don’t know why, when they are trying to change their nickserv settings and see no feedback from services, etc.)

To enable the server messages, look at the embed URL that you are using. If you see noServerNotices=1, you should either set it to 0 or remove it entirely.

Thanks to MikeWard1701 for bringing this to our attention.