My week long break from courses is coming up soon, and I have nothing to do for it. So I figured that I would put a day or two towards GeekShed. The only problem is that I don’t know what I should do. This is where you, the users, come into play. Although we always welcome input from our users, whether it’s a comment left here, on the forums, in #help, on twitter, or directly to a staffer, the whole purpose of this post is to solicit ideas on what you would like to see.

Here are the ground rules:
  1. It should have something to do with the website, especially the parts that are driven by WordPress (basically everything except the forums), as that is my primary area of responsibility.
  2. It should be something that can be done in 12-24 hours. My break is only a week long, and as much as I love GeekShed, I don’t want to undertake something that will take the entire break.
  3. It should be something that will benefit the majority of users (i.e. not a post about why people should join your channel).
  4. Obviously, the suggestion must conform to the Network’s Terms of Use.
If there is more than one suggestion, I will probably work on the most popular one, so talk with your friends about it and have them comment too. Don’t let this discourage you from suggesting something though – all suggestions will remain here, as well as the spreadsheet I will be compiling with them. Something that isn’t done now may be worked on at a later point in time.

I will be leaving comments on this post open for a week, at which point I’ll close them and decide which item I will be working on.

If you have any questions or need something clarified, please /join #help and speak with Ryan, or you may post in this topic on the forum. Please leave comments here for suggestions only.