If you have changed the name of your channel or would like to merge a few channels into one, you can use ChanServ to create a redirect from your old channel to your new channel. To do this, use the following command:

/cs redirect #oldchannel #newchannel

There are various restrictions on this command. These are as follows:

  • You must be the real founder of #oldchannel
  • You must be a founder of #newchannel
  • You cannot create loops or chains by redirecting a channel to one which is already a redirect
  • Once the command is done, you cannot undo it! This must be done by a services admin

The following restrictions apply to active redirects:

  • A redirected channel will be dropped 60 days after you set the redirect
  • You can change the channel the redirect points to but this will not reset the 60 day expiry time
  • If the new channel is +L users will not be redirected. This is to stop chaining and looping
  • The redirect will walk any keys (+k) you have on the new channel. This means you can redirect a keyed channel to another keyed channel
  • The redirect will not walk any other channel mode restrictions (+l, +O, +A, +R, +b, +I, +z). If any of those modes are set, the user will have to conform with their requirements to be successfully redirected

This can be used with the ChanServ MIGRATE command to move all of your settings from one channel to another. Example use of this is:

/cs migrate #oldchannel #newchannel