After helping many people who were having trouble adding the TFlash chat client to their WordPress powered website, I decided to write a plugin that would create a shortcode that people can use to easily embed their chatroom into their site.

The plugin has been submitted and accepted into the WordPress plugin repository, so installation is simple. To install, simply go to the Add New Plugin page of your WordPress install, and search for GeekShed. Under GeekShed Embed, click install. Supply your FTP/SSH information if required, and hit Proceed. The shortcode currently supports three parameters: channel, width, and height. Any, none, or all can be used, in any combination.

Note: If the width is less than 500 or the height is less than 375, parts of the chat box will be cut off and not visible. Future versions will fix this issue.

What You Type What You Get
[geekshed] A 500 by 375 chat box that displays the channel list once connected
[geekshed someChannel] A 500 by 375 chat box that joins someChannel once connected.
[geekshed height=XXX] A chat box XXX pixels tall and 500 pixels wide. It will display the channel list once connected.
[geekshed width=XXX] A chat box XXX pixels wide and 375 pixels tall. It will display the channel list once connected.
Comments, questions, suggestions? Leave them as a comment to this post, and the will be addressed as soon as possible.