Our BNC service now has 109 registered users. This is good. We do, however, get questions daily about connecting to it. Although I am sure this is mainly due to people not reading the manual, it’d be easier for all involved if there were clear instructions about how to connect to the BNC with different IRC clients.

For this, we need your help! Even if you don’t use the BNC service all we need to know is:

1) What client are you using and on which Operating System?
2) Do you need to install anything to get SSL working on your client of choice? If so, what?
3) What is the command to open a new server connection to irc.server.com on port 8888 using SSL?

Please post these as comments to this post. See the first comment (mine) as an example. Naturally, if someone else has already posted about a client you need not repeat the instructions unless their instructions were incorrect.

Thanks in advance for your time :)