EDIT: This post is about a WordPress plugin that has been written. It is NOT about the TFlash client itself. No updates for the TFlash client are planned at this time.

About six months ago, I (Ryan (ninja in #help)) created GeekShed Embed, a WordPress plugin so that GeekShed users that use WordPress to power their website could easily embed a GeekShed chat room into their site. At the time, I promised that there would be updates; however, I did not have time until recently to do anything with it.

Most of what I wanted to add has been already added to it, but I wanted to ask the community and see if there was anything that you can think of that should be included, or if there were any bugs that you have run into.

So if you have a suggestion for what should be included in the update, or have run into a bug, please leave a comment here with details. Assuming it’s nothing too far-fetched, I should be able to include it in the update.

Note: if you have run into a bug and are reporting it, please include the WordPress version you are running, and whether it is WordPress MU/MS or a regular WordPress installation.