The ISP for some of the GeekShed equipment is changing this week, so we’ll have some downtime for a few of the bots and specific services on the site and in IRC. The Services bots will NOT be affected.

The majority of the sites and servers will be unaffected. You may notice downtime, however, for the Twitter bot and MagicalTrevor.

The absence of MagicalTrevor means that if you happen to be unlucky enough to forget your password on Tuesday, you will need to wait for an oper who can help you. The half-ops in the channel will not be able to reset your password during the period of downtime.

Because we are at the whim of the ISPs involved, we cannot be more specific about when the downtime will occur. We only know it will happen Tuesday. Please know we’re sorry for the inconvenience, and we’ll have things back up and running as soon as possible after the ISP switchover. If you have any questions on Tuesday, you can check in #help.


—posted by tengrrl