#EricJess is friendly, welcoming community where people discuss a wide range of topics. The channel was founded by Eric Jess in June 2010. Eric maintains a community forum and a website for the channel (where he streams live video, when his computer isn’t broken). Eric shared the following information about his channel:

What happens in the channel?

There’s always something going on in our chatroom. We mainly talk tech, as geeks do, but there are all sorts of other discussions as well. We often fall on the discussion of Harry Potter for some odd reason and bacon—unfortunately, as bacon is on my dislike list. But we discuss all sorts of other topics as well. Nearly anything goes.

We are here talking during all hours. We help people with any problems they may have, and we usually have an active stream on all the time (technology allowing), with many guest streamers.

What are the channel policies?

We try to have an answer for everything, including how to become channel staff and how to earn voice. If you feel you were banned from #EricJess incorrectly, you can make an appeal online.

Anything else you want folks to know?

Well of course there is more! We have a active social network and do giveaways as much as possible. We are a family here and learn and grow with each other!

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—posted by Tengrrl/Bunny