#LordKaT is the community hangout and IRC parallel to LordKaT’s video gaming, geek, and tech content site http://Live.LordKaT.com, which streams 24/7 as a Twitch.TV partner. The channel was founded by LordKaT on September 1, 2008. (Yes, that’s the right date. #LordKaT is a channel that migrated over from WyldRyde, so the channel is older than the GeekShed network.)

What happens in the channel?

In chat, we participate in scheduled live broadcasts, available at http://www.LordKaT.com after the show as Blip.tv videos or audio podcasts. Our current lineup includes these shows:

Apart from shows, our community chat and unscheduled live streaming is a variety of gaming and community tech talk. From our mafia playing Team Fortress 2 at our own server to hard-core geek programming of a MUD server or adding new features to Live.LordKaT.com, there is often hilarious commentary from the stream regulars and casual small talk in the chat—all of which might sometimes go one step too far, leaving you laughing and feeling a part of the fun.

What are the channel policies?

We welcome everyone, but our content and discussions are intended for mature audiences. Visitors to Live.LordKaT.com are free to speak their minds, even in dissent, as long as their comments are honest, human, and respectful of others.

Active members of the community are recognized as friends and members of the LordKaT Mafia. Our community recognizes those who stand out through old-fashioned personal networking and contributing to the community. There is no application process for rank in channel. We get to know everyone through the time we spend hanging out together.

Anything else you want folks to know?

Our community extends well beyond our chatroom. Be sure to check out these additional resources:


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—posted by Tengrrl/Bunny