#247fixes is the online chatroom for 247Fixes, a site dedicated to combating spyware. Their goal is plain and simple: to help you stop spyware from infecting your PC. The channel was founded by therock247uk on October 24, 2009. The channel was previously known as #killspyware, before the network migrated to GeekShed. 247Fixes has been helping people beat malware and spyware since 2004.

What happens in the channel?

#247fixes welcomes discussions on anything tech-wise. We also help with PC problems and have many staff on hand to help you—including members and graduates of the 247 Academy, an Anti-malware school run by therock247uk.

What are the channel policies?

Please no discussion of politics. If you were banned from #247fixes and think it was in error, feel free to contact therock247uk on the 247Fixes Forums.

We don’t provide malware help in the channel itself. 247Fixes staff need diagnostics from your machine and some standard information about the problem you’re seeing, so malware removal help is only offered through the forums. Asking your questions on the forums also ensures that you’re talking to a member of 247Fixes staff (and not just someone hanging out in the channel). Just follow the Posting Guide if you need help with malware or spyware please!

Anything else you want folks to know?

Pop in our channel and see. Anyone is welcome to join in!


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—posted by Tengrrl/Bunny