If you are banned from the GeekShed network and wish for it to be removed prematurely, you must appeal your ban. Here are some simple Q&As relating to bans and ban appeals.


How do I know if I’m banned from GeekShed?

If you are banned from GeekShed, you will be unable to connect. When you connect, you will see a message similar to this:

(18:50:47) Closing Link: Fred[cpc1-cdif15-2-0-cust467.6-3.cable.virginmedia.com] (User has been banned from GeekShed (Spamming will not be tolerated. If you feel this ban is in error, you may appeal it at http://www.geekshed.net/bans/))

If you can connect to GeekShed but cannot join certain channels, you are only banned from those channels. You must therefore appeal your ban with the operators of that channel.


What happens if, for any reason, I cannot appeal a ban using the procedures on this page?

You must e-mail bans@geekshed.net. ONLY issues relating to posting ban appeals on the forums will be handled at this address. Ban appeals themselves MUST be posted on the forums. This means that YOU CAN NOT APPEAL BANS USING THIS E-MAIL ADDRESS. Like seriously… Don’t even think about appealing a ban by e-mailing this address. You will be ignored!


What happens if I connect to GeekShed while I am banned?

If you connect while banned, any appeals will be denied and your ban extended to at least 3 days. Each time you connect, while banned, your 3 day ban will be restarted from the time of connect. Multiple evasions of a ban will force us to contact your ISP and report abuse of their services.


What happens if my ban appeal is in the wrong format?

Without all of the required information, we cannot review your ban correctly. Therefore, we must deny your appeal until the correct information is provided. Please see the last Q&A question for a full example of a ban appeal.


So, how do I actually appeal the ban?

This is done on our forums. You must provide us with certain information and post it inside a new topic in our ban appeal forum. The information we require, that you must copy and paste directly is given below.

  • I was banned by:
  • The reason given was:
  • The ban was set for:
  • The ban was set on:
  • The blacklist I am in is:
  • My IP is:
  • My hostmask is: ec2-3-233-219-103.compute-1.amazonaws.com

You MUST follow this information in your appeal with: your nickname, the channels you were in AND the reason you think you should be unbanned.


Can I have an example of a ban appeal?

Yup, here you go…

I was banned by: Corey
The reason given was: Spamming is not tolerated on GeekShed
The ban was set for: 3d
The ban was set on: *!*@protectedhost-AA4DEBD2.dyn.optonline.net
The blacklist I am in is:
My IP is:
My hostmask is: ool-44c17217.dyn.optonline.net

I was using the nickname Sammyo. I was in #247fixes, #chris and #cnetfans. I was having a really bad day and started mashing my keyboard and causing spam in some channels on GeekShed. I am very sorry and, in future, I will better control my rage by stepping away from my computer. Please remove my ban – I promise this will never happen again.