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< debbie> Yo I tell you what I want what I really really want.
<&Natasha> So tell me what you want what you really really want!
< debbie> :)
< debbie> I am glad to know you remembered them
<&Natasha> Hell yeah! Posh Spice ftw
< debbie> I used to have a boom box and sing with friends in my driveway
<&Natasha> :D Good times
< debbie> Oh, it is no wonder why people walking would make a quick U-turn.
< debbie> You must have been little then though Tash
< Allred58_LT> I liked some of The Spice Girls’ songs.
<&Natasha> I was Posh Spice, my sis was Baby, cousin Cassandra was Sporty,
neighbor Tina was Ginger, friend Kelly was Scary, and cousin Brendan was the bus driver!
<&Natasha> Poor Brendan.
* debbie gets up and dances to wannabe
< debbie> Yup, I still got it.
* MissCelsey dances with debra
< Allred58_LT> lol on ‘poor Brendan.’
<&Natasha> That song never made sense to me really. "If you wanna be my
lover, you gotta get with my friends?"
<&Natasha> Like, huh?
< Allred58_LT> 2 Become One… :)
<&Natasha> Mama :D
< MissCelsey> Big Mama 2
< MissCelsey> O_O
<&AlastorMoody> So iPad 2.
<&AlastorMoody> Discuss!
* &AlastorMoody walks back out
Joshua thinks police Cars with the long Light bars looks like cars with Wings xD

<%Tom`> maybe they drink too much RedBull
So predictable…

walsh1996: I can setup a wii stupid. Im talkin about useing wireless n u stupid moron
fort: Ah, now the name calling stats.
walsh1996 was kicked by blaster (Debate the opinion and never personally attack the person
making it.)
&blaster: wait for it….
walsh1996: You are a moron.
walsh1996 was kicked by blaster (Debate the opinion and never personally attack the person
making it.)
<TuxOtaku> I just had a subversively brilliant idea
<ghyul5> elaborate
<Frontline> does it involve your wang and a 1950s Florida high school girls locker


* AlastorMoody sets mode: b *!*
* This *!* ban affects: aloood
* aloood was kicked by AlastorMoody (Spamming is not tolerated here.)
* Stuzilla|AFK clicks stopwatch
<gingerbell> why don’t u just kick
< Stuzilla|AFK> acceptable


Private channel

<shaggysi0> [00:08] * Stuzilla|AFK clicks stopwatch
<shaggysi0> [00:08] <gingerbell> why don’t u just kick
<shaggysi0> [00:08] < Stuzilla|AFK> acceptable
<shaggysi0> lmao
<shaggysi0> not bad, only 10 PC’s affected :D

<Stuzilla|AFK> "try harder next time"
<Bames_Jond> oh god.
<Bames_Jond> not to break the moment of nostalgia.
<Bames_Jond> But my friend just pulled off a horrible / epic
<~BlackIce> an epic Yeah moment?
<Bames_Jond> [23:21] Chris:
<Bames_Jond> [23:21] Chris: this might be a case of%u2026.*takes of
sunglasses*%u2026.some hardened criminals
< The_Doctor> meh
< The_Doctor> horatio would have used a better line
< The_Doctor> "Looks like this case… is out from under the covers."
* Bames_Jond throws pies at The_Doctor
<~BlackIce> Hopefully there isn’t a hole in this case
<Bames_Jond> Oh, god, what have I started.
< The_Doctor> Just hope there’s no leaks in the department, don’t want the press
getting their hands on this.
<~BlackIce> don’t worry though, the company will just bounce back from this, you
know like some object made of rubber?
<Bames_Jond> Okay, you killed it. :|
<~BlackIce> Yeah, I’m too intoxicated to be jokey
<~BlackIce> lol
< The_Doctor> But in the short term competition might be a bit stiffer.
<~BlackIce> LOL @ The_Doctor
<Bames_Jond> There ya go.
<Bames_Jond> You guys done?
<Bames_Jond> I’m quoting this.
<~BlackIce> I dunno, the court case against the thieves might be ultra-thin
* @Mark does the stanky leg with Pegasus
* Pegasus does Mark
<@Mark> -.-
<@ResidentNerd> Please take the beastiality elsewhere
<@Mark> My what?
<@ResidentNerd> your intimate relations with the winged horse
<@Mark> ??????
<@Mark> Horse?
<&CCMike> right over his head Tales
<&CCMike> errr
<&CCMike> ResidentNerd
<@ResidentNerd> indeed
10 minutes later with no response
* @Talia thinks Mark’s brain may have exploded
<&CCMike> was a small noise Talia
<&CCMike> more a pop than a bang
<BladeZephon> which makes me question how you developed the cause at all
<Amazed> my statements as to the legality, legitimacy, and tax deductibility are not
intended to construe my plans as legal, legitimate, or tax deductible
<Amazed> we regret any misunderstandings
<BladeZephon> are you interviewing for IOBit? is this practice?
<%FrontlineX> I am very hung over
<%FrontlineX> apparently anyway
<%FrontlineX> That girly stuff was stronger than I thought

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