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<@Henco> that game knows where you live
< joshi> really
< joshi> if your on live
<@Henco> yeah
<@Henco> look at the back of the case
<@Henco> it says "Gullable"
< joshi> im on the xbox upstairs – which doesnt have live
< joshi> where does it say that
<@Henco> on the back
<@Henco> near the bottom
< joshi> errr’
<@Henco> Can’t find it?
< joshi> nope
* @Henco sighs
<@Henco> Oh, the irony.
<&Natasha> I have the hiccups O_o (hicupps? hiccupps?)
* Ze_Spy shoves a bar of soap in Natasha’s mouth
<&Natasha> O.O
< Ze_Spy> ..Wait, isn’t that standard procedure?
* Craighton sneaks up behind Natasha and scares her
<&Natasha> Ahhh!!!
<&Natasha> *hiccup*
< Ze_Spy> Wait, better idea.
< Craighton> there hiccups gone
<&Natasha> It didn’t work :(
* Ze_Spy shows Natasha Tim’s baby pictures
< Craighton> -/-
* &Natasha screams
* &Natasha waits for it….
<&Natasha> Gone!!!!!!!
* &Natasha hides
< Craighton> yay
< Craighton> *hiccup*
< Ze_Spy> lmao
< Craighton> damn
< Ze_Spy> ..Oh great.
< Ze_Spy> Yeah, you’re on your own with this one.
<&Natasha> Craighton you don’t scare me ;)
<%Jim> Craighton scares me…
< Craighton> muhahahahah
<%Jim> …with his looks
< Craighton> -.-
<%Jim> and his sweater!
< Craighton> Imma gonna slap you if we ever meet

<V1peR|MaNN> wierdo1234, how can we be of your assistance?
wierdo1234 has quit IRC (Broken pipe)
<Eeveevolve> well at least he found the X
<Apollo> :p
<CharlesisAmazing> guys
<CharlesisAmazing> psst…
<CharlesisAmazing> any mods here?
<Stuzilla|AFK> not you again
<Milo> lol
<CharlesisAmazing> why is it so bad to see me?
<CharlesisAmazing> ok fine
<Stuzilla|AFK> you were annoying as hell
<CharlesisAmazing> i admit
<CharlesisAmazing> trying to start a rebellion against mods
<Stuzilla|AFK> kept changing you nick like an <censored>
<CharlesisAmazing> so stuzilla
<CharlesisAmazing> i have changed for the better
<Stuzilla|AFK> i doubt that
<CharlesisAmazing> actions speak louder than words
<CharlesisAmazing> i guess after u get banned several times
goTakeAHike has quit IRC (Client exited)
<CharlesisAmazing> u get smart
<Stuzilla|AFK> someone who enters a channel and looks straight for the mods isnt
<Gordon_Keenan> Sigh…
<Stuzilla|AFK> especially when they’re a known troll
<Milo> CharlesisAmazing – see that quit message that came up before? thats what you
should be doing
* &TMFKSocial nicks tim’s keyboard and runs off with it
<&TMFKSocial> yeah bitch i have keyboards
* &TMFKSocial opens his overcoat and points to a large selection of microsoft branded
keyboards with worn caps lock buttons
<@SnowGeek> my keyboard has lights on the caps lock and mum lock scroll lock
* &TMFKSocial nicks SnowGeek’s keyboard and places it next to tims keyboard whilst
fastening his overcoat and running away
* @SnowGeek grabs the spare
* &TMFKSocial nicks that too
<&TMFKSocial> *shouts* HHA Douchebag!
* @SnowGeek grabs the 2nd spare
* &TMFKSocial gets boared and loots SnowGeek’s spares stash
* @SnowGeek grabs his secret spare one
* &TMFKSocial pulls out the four keybaords he captured and smacks it down on
SnowGeek’s head
<@SnowGeek> :X
<&TMFKSocial> aye! u’ll gut runnin nuw!
<&TMFKSocial> shall i put this in a quote database or not?
<@SnowGeek> idk
<&TMFKSocial> i will
<@SnowGeek> k
<&TMFKSocial> Its url is >
<~DylanCombs> !sync
* Snoopy sets mode: q Kat
* Snoopy sets mode: -qo DylanCombs DylanCombs
<~Kat> b ahahaha
* ~Kat dies laughing
<DylanCombs> DAMNIT
<DylanCombs> did that wrong
* ~Kat chokes
<~DylanCombs> !sync
* Snoopy sets mode: q Kat
* Snoopy sets mode: -qo DylanCombs DylanCombs
<~Kat> b ahahaha
* ~Kat dies laughing
<DylanCombs> DAMNIT
<DylanCombs> did that wrong
* ~Kat chokes
<~Mark> Tim!
<~Tim> WHAT
<~Mark> u will be baned in… 3..2…1
Mark [] has set mode -o b Mark *!*Mark@*
Mark [] has been kicked from #mark by Mark
[]: User Has been banned from the channel
<~Tim> LOL!
<~Tim> Fail!
<~Mark> Tim waits for Ze_Spy to ass him
<~Mark> Tim waits for Ze_Spy to ass him
<~Mark> Tim waits for Ze_Spy to ass him
* Mark was kicked by Tim (Fuck off.)
<@TMFKSocial> wait for it!
<@TMFKSocial> boom!
* Mark ( has joined #mark
<&Newb> [Mark] Silly rabbit! Tricks are for kids!
* Newb sets mode: qo Mark Mark
<@TMFKSocial> x.x
<~Tim> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hell yes.
* Tim was kicked by Mark (*Tim waits for Ze_Spy to ass him….)
<~Mark> XD
<@TMFKSocial> hahahaa
* Tim (Tim@home.vhost) has joined #mark
<&Newb> [Tim] Everyone hide! Tim’s here!
* Newb sets mode: qo Tim Tim
<@TMFKSocial> lmao
<@Pegasus> please buy my candies or my little brother will go insane
<@TMFKSocial> xD
<~Mark> LOL
~CandyCane dances
~Radien licks CandyCane
<~CandyCane> I’m pretty sure you ain’t sposed to do that
<~Radien> oh why not?
<~Radien> your a candycane right?
<~CandyCane> a taken one :p
<~Radien> oh im okay with that..
<~Radien> i’ll give you back once im done licking it
<~Radien> er you
* ~ChristmasStar facepalms
* ~BadSanta rolls eyes
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