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[23:50] < Smithy> Peer, you’re in the UK right?
[23:51] < Peer> I am indeed Smiffy.
[23:51] <@cirian75> Peer in my country ???
[23:51] * @cirian75 hides
[23:51] <@Coolsecretspy> lol
[23:52] <@Coolsecretspy> cirian75: Careful, he might come over and reset your
connection >:D
[23:52] <@cirian75> :O
[23:52] < Peer> >:)
[23:52] <@cirian75> that would be hard atm as its my phone
[23:52] <@Coolsecretspy> lol
[23:52] <@cirian75> and I’m within 1 meter of it
[23:52] < Peer> I thought you knew I was British, cirian?
[23:52] <@cirian75> newp
[23:53] <@cirian75> I though you was living in the US
[23:53] < Peer> lol no. :P
<IdleRPG> Blizzardo1 Picked the wrong hosting provider, and suffers down time. This
terrible calamity has slowed them 0 days, 04:06:38 from level 51.
<IdleRPG> Blizzardo1 reaches next level in 2 days, 01:47:02.
Coolsecretspy> I wish my parents would just stay out of my room instead of coming in
and interfering with all my crap :/
<Squirrel> thats what there job discription says they can do :P
<techguru> lol
<Coolsecretspy> I’m gunna ban them from my room
<techguru> Can you lock that door Coolsecretspy
<Squirrel> lol my mum wouldent even let me have my door closed
<Coolsecretspy> no
<Squirrel> and i was 26
<Coolsecretspy> 0.o
<Squirrel> love my mum but cant live with her
<Squirrel> :P
<techguru> hahaha I am 20 and i can lock the door
<techguru> its hailing
<Coolsecretspy> I don’t have a lock on the door, if i put one on it’s only going to
make people suspicious
<techguru> so
<Squirrel> there were no locks allowed on doors
<techguru> :P
<Squirrel> how i got up to the things i did without getting caught i will never know
<techguru> Squirrel so even your front door had no lock
<Squirrel> now lets not get silly
* Blizzardo1|Lappy ( has joined
* Snoopy gives voice to Blizzardo1|Lappy
<Pixie> ACTION slaps techguru with a clue-by-four
<techguru> ?
<Coolsecretspy> xD
<techguru> i did nothing
<techguru> to get slapped
<Squirrel> tryed to use a door wedge to stop mum getting in but she would shove the
door open
* gbyers has quit (Connection reset by peer)
* Ashley ( has joined
* Snoopy gives voice to Ashley
<techguru> then put a book shelf in front of it
<Coolsecretspy> lol Squirrel
* DouglasK is now known as DouglasKAway
<YamazaruNinja> Squirrel what were you doing that you needed the door closed? :P
<Blizzardo1|Lappy> .__.
* Blizzardo1|Lappy steals clue-by-four and thwaps techguru moar
<Blizzardo1|Lappy> >__>
<techguru> hey whyd you do that
* techguru burns locust’s bacon :D
* [Poopstech] has quit (Ping timeout)
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<KtecK> between you and Shed-34046 im sure you both got a virtual death wish
<KtecK> lol
<techguru> no
<techguru> why would we
<KtecK> that said bacon is sacrid
<KtecK> you dont touch it
* Shed-34046 steals every last bit of locust ‘s bacon and dances while eating da bacon
<KtecK> locust and his family will invade you ;)
<Shed-34046> KtecK I’ve never seen a locust bug here
<KtecK> you have been lucky ;)
<techguru> why should locust have all the bacon anyways
<Shed-34046> what is bacon
<Pixie> Bacon is a locust’s best friend.. Be careful though.. He may steal it from
you before you get the chance to eat it.
<Shed-34046> techguru ^
<techguru> i know, but locust needs to share
<Shed-34046> Bacon is his best friend
<locust> >.>
<Suzie> haha
<Tech_Sgt_Chen> ok?
* Samual has quit (Ping timeout)
* Shed-34046 steals more of locust bacon and throws it to everybody in the channel.
* Samual ( has joined
<KtecK> that bug is known to well attack ;)
<Tech_Sgt_Chen> i know that, locust can take anyone done with his friends
* Blizzardo1|Lappy ( has joined
* Snoopy gives voice to Blizzardo1|Lappy
<Shed-34046> lol
<KtecK> don’t worry Shed-34046 will ride his pony away safely Tech_Sgt_Chen ;)
* KtecK hides from Shed-34046
<locust> i’d like to give a shout out to all those elevators.. for picking me up
when i’m down..
<Blizzardo1|Mac> .__.
<Fry> Blizzardo1 and iOS has 69% on the relationship scale. Puppy love.. isn’t that
<HouseKeeping> For electronics, I’m use amazon, new egg, or best buy
<pseudonym> How does one become use amazon?
<HouseKeeping> hah
<HouseKeeping> I’m use amazon
<crshbndct> They said I could be anything I wanted. So I became use amazon.
<Dmitri> Now that I put 8 on this machine I want some good apps.
<locust|out> Hello Kitty Online
* rwayy has quit (Client exited)
<Squirrel> XD
<locust|out> is the only one you need :3
<Dmitri> Ok, useful apps
<locust|out> :(
* locust|out has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<Dmitri> I upset him :(
[12:51:49] <@Coolsecretspy> Ewww McDonalds commercial *pukes*
[12:52:11] Coolsecretspy whistles the tune xD
[12:52:19] <%Squirrel> lol
[12:52:22] <%Squirrel> nutter
[12:52:30] <@Coolsecretspy> xD
[12:52:35] <@Coolsecretspy> You love it really xD
[12:52:41] <%Squirrel> ba da ba ba baaa up chucking it!
[12:52:48] <@Coolsecretspy> xD
[12:52:53] <@Coolsecretspy> ROFL
[12:53:05] Coolsecretspy wipes tear from eye
[12:53:10] <%Squirrel> XD
[12:53:14] <%Squirrel> sorry :P
[12:53:42] <@Coolsecretspy> Good lord i haven’t laughed this hard in ages. *holds
[12:53:52] <%Squirrel> hahahahahahahaha!
[12:54:36] <@Coolsecretspy> Every time i walk past McDonalds now or hear their
commercial that’s all i’m gunna hear in my head now! xD
[12:54:54] <%Squirrel> hahaha my work here is done XD
[12:55:14] <@Coolsecretspy> Oh man that’s going in the GS Quote DB! xD
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