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Kat: nothing is wrong. I saw a cute baby picture
Craighton: Kat saw my baby picture and died
Kat: a friend of mine had her baby this morning
DeltonRushing: Oh
DeltonRushing: awwwww
DeltonRushing: Craighton looks good in baby fat. HAHA JK
Craighton: -_-
DeltonRushing: -_-
%u2022 Craighton takes Kats muzzle off
%u2022 DeltonRushing slaps Craighton with a large trout
DeltonRushing: This is going in the QDB
Craighton: -_-
<&Brigitte> <censored> is not on topic and or answering a question
therefor spam
< Dawn> lol
<&Brigitte> it*
<&Brigitte> stop laughing Dawn
<&Brigitte> lol
< Dawn> bri said a bad word :$
<Unidentified58532> lol
<&Brigitte> akward typo
* @Red_Silk looks at Brigitte O.o
<danielmx1|netbook> o_o
< Tales> omg Brigitte
<&Brigitte> ok..ok!
<Allred58_LT> So that was a typo?
* Anell glares
<Allred58_LT> lol
< Tales> did you just say something naughty!!
<&Brigitte> Brigitte Please watch your language. We want everyone to feel
welcome here
<fancysnake> lol
<danielmx1|netbook> lawl!
<coolsecretspy> lol
<&Brigitte> yes ma’am
<DorkMan1232> Wanna know who I am? I’m ExpertProgrammer i’m sitting behind a porxy
so …. hope you will remeber me since you banned me 1 year ago.
<&Zetacon> Akicks were removed.
<DorkMan1232> U remember me>
<&Zetacon> Relatively.
<DorkMan1232> Lol so ur not gonna ban me?
<&Zetacon> AKicks were removed. I have no reason to ban you.
<&Zetacon> Unless you don’t behave of course.
<DorkMan1232> Okkay thanks.
<@tengrrl> Craighton, AlastorMoody: naughty
* %AlastorMoody grabs the fish
<%AlastorMoody> dont make me use this!
* Craighton grabs tengrrl
<Craighton> don’t make me use this
* %AlastorMoody grabs Corey
<%AlastorMoody> what now?
* Craighton grabs Kat
<Craighton> Yea What now
* %AlastorMoody grabs Allan
* Craighton grabs Phil
<Craighton> bring it
<%AlastorMoody> Allan vs. Phil
<%AlastorMoody> hard to say
<Craighton> I have a british person he will take down a canidian any day
<@tengrrl> I see two little boys who belong in #timeout
<Craighton> alright
<Craighton> the big question
<Craighton> Lighttpd or Apache
<@tengrrl> Yes, Craighton, I will marry you
<@tengrrl> oh
<@tengrrl> wrong question
<Craighton> 0.0
* SubWolf-Laptop toasts nobody in particular
<SubWolf-Laptop> Still tickles me does that.
* nobody knows what you mean
* ~jakewright takes his clothes off
< Jordan> stream!
< Jordan> eww!
< Jordan> bad timing!
* <name> has quit (User has been permanently banned from GeekShed (You are banned
from GeekShed for 0! Reason: Attempting to evade a ban is a silly idea, and will likely
get you banned permanently :You may appeal it at*gtaxl*%40*
<Jeff> and the name of the ginneapig we have
<Corey> hmmm thats interesting as well
<nak1995> ChaosNick : Partially true. <name> was banned for 35 days for trying
to evade his ban
<nak1995> I think
* Smithy cowers before Corey
<SoiledBargains> "You are banned from GeekShed for 0!"
* nak1995 thanks Corey for doing his job.. lol
<nak1995> well, Technically not his job, he voluntered for this I believe
<OneUp[Work]> Corey, Banned for 0?
<OneUp[Work]> Oh, perm
<Corey> Perma
<Corey> like their virginity
<OneUp[Work]> XD
<MornNickB> gah, hate getting out of the shower on winter mornings :)
<MornNickB> yeah, bunch of stuff in XP broke in vista and windows 7
<Kalidor> we know! … good think irc doesn’t convey small
<Kalidor> smell either
<Kalidor> *shrug* either prolly works when it comes to morn ~_^x
<MornNickB> >_>
<penelope> hahah
<penelope> Sorry, that was a god one.
<Kalidor> and that .. ladies and gents
<penelope> er, good one
<Kalidor> is how you turn a typo .. into a double burn
<Shawn> qw need to quote that
<Shawn> *we
<MornNickB> I’d rather you didn’t :P
<Shawn> of course you would. it would make you look bad
<Shawn> well. worse

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