GeekShed Quote Database

<ATV642> why is there a loreal advert above me, im scared :s
<CornishNerd> Because you’re worth it?
< paco_the_taco> Hey Dawn
* Dawn see’s a taco
* Granit_iPad eats a taco
* @Guru_Meditation eats Granit_iPad
< RitchieR> You know, I have to confess. The name Pirillo has always made me
picture some kinda cute little animal. Like a hedgehog mixed with armadillo.
<terrorkiid> this a good simulator?
<&Bkil> what?
<&Bkil> This is IRC!
<terrorkiid> ?
<terrorkiid> whts irc?
<terrorkiid> rollercoaster simulator?
-GeekShed-Announcer- [Phil] New system implemented to track channel user counts. More info
can be found at – your
suggestions for what we can do with the data would be much
<PC-Tech> haha Phil you forgot a word in your last announcement…
<bunny> he didn’t leave it out. it was on purpose to avoid offending people. The
missing word is "Ignored"
<Phil> last thing I’ll ever do at uni :o
<Phil> other than graduate, of course
<Amazed> congrats
<Phil> last serious thing which I can’t do drunk, shall we say
<Tales> sounds like a bet…
<Phil> I’m sorry, I can’t demonstrate the programme due to being too drunk
<Phil> might not go down too well
<Tales> ‘woops I meant to click ok, not terminate the world’
<Tales> and that is why presidents shouldn’t be allowed to drink
<Amazed> one would assume that there’d be a confirmation screen
<Amazed> "Are You Sure You Want To Annihilate Humanity?"
* MJ is watching Titanic :P
* CornishNerd thwaps MJ :P
<MJ> can you remind me CornishNerd, does the ship sink?
<CornishNerd> Wait, does it?! I’ve not seen it MJ, now you totally ruined it for me!
<Helio> it’s fun to manipulate a solar system so that, for example, the rotation of
stars in a binary star system causes it to shoot out a small planet at a high velocity out
of the system entirely
<nobody> you would make a horrible god helio
<&mouse>cheese cake > *
< Bowler4Ever>Coke > Pepsi
< Bowler4Ever>;)
< AlastorMoody>agreed Bowler4Ever
< Techgeek564_Laptop>you do know coke has acid in it right?
< Bowler4Ever>Mountain Dew > *
<&mouse>i just got a new one from pepsi, cheery and vanilla
< Bowler4Ever>So?
< Techgeek564_Laptop>its very acidic i ment
< AlastorMoody>yes, and I like acid
<&mouse>coke has cock! no way!
<&mouse>er coke
< Bowler4Ever>It helps me from getting rusty, Techgeek :P
< AlastorMoody>lawl
< Bowler4Ever>ROFL
< VitaminB>LOLOL
* mouse walks away
< Techgeek564_Laptop>coke used to have crack
< VitaminB>gofgdfjk! xD
< Bowler4Ever>ROFLMAO
< AlastorMoody>what a typo
<&mouse>i hate myself right now
< Bowler4Ever>I’m so Tweeting that
<&mouse>dont you dare
< AlastorMoody>GS quote database
< AlastorMoody>>.>
* mouse reports Bowler4Ever for spam
< AlastorMoody><.<
< Bowler4Ever>Done
<~Craighton>you people are insane
< Bowler4Ever>LMAO
<&mouse>you started it
< Bowler4Ever>you made the night, mouse ;)
< Bowler4Ever>:O
< Bowler4Ever>What!?
<~Craighton>now now, children
<&mouse>Courtesy of @MichaelS_Jr: "coke has cock! no way!"
<&mouse>1 minute ago via Echofon
<&mouse>he knows i dont mean it
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