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<&mouse>cheese cake > *
< Bowler4Ever>Coke > Pepsi
< Bowler4Ever>;)
< AlastorMoody>agreed Bowler4Ever
< Techgeek564_Laptop>you do know coke has acid in it right?
< Bowler4Ever>Mountain Dew > *
<&mouse>i just got a new one from pepsi, cheery and vanilla
< Bowler4Ever>So?
< Techgeek564_Laptop>its very acidic i ment
< AlastorMoody>yes, and I like acid
<&mouse>coke has cock! no way!
<&mouse>er coke
< Bowler4Ever>It helps me from getting rusty, Techgeek :P
< AlastorMoody>lawl
< Bowler4Ever>ROFL
< VitaminB>LOLOL
* mouse walks away
< Techgeek564_Laptop>coke used to have crack
< VitaminB>gofgdfjk! xD
< Bowler4Ever>ROFLMAO
< AlastorMoody>what a typo
<&mouse>i hate myself right now
< Bowler4Ever>I’m so Tweeting that
<&mouse>dont you dare
< AlastorMoody>GS quote database
< AlastorMoody>>.>
* mouse reports Bowler4Ever for spam
< AlastorMoody><.<
< Bowler4Ever>Done
<~Craighton>you people are insane
< Bowler4Ever>LMAO
<&mouse>you started it
< Bowler4Ever>you made the night, mouse ;)
< Bowler4Ever>:O
< Bowler4Ever>What!?
<~Craighton>now now, children
<&mouse>Courtesy of @MichaelS_Jr: "coke has cock! no way!"
<&mouse>1 minute ago via Echofon
<&mouse>he knows i dont mean it
* bigdick was kicked by Fort (And no brains, eh?)
<Jobe> <&Rob> lol new chick at work is bulgarian <- so you wanna hit on
her in bulgarian?
<Phil> haha
<Jobe> Phil: thats how predictable Rob is :P
<digilante> and how do you know he’s not putting a price on your head in bulgarian,
<digilante> I mean, Afrikaans isn’t my primary language, but I figure R3000 for your
head and R5000 for the rest is fair price to pay :P
<Jobe> digilante: cause he already spent enough hiring hitmen for me
<Jobe> now he has his own needs to deal with
<digilante> you have a point
<Phil> Jobe dealt with all the hitmen with nothing but a 2.5" floppy disk
<digilante> amusing, Phil
<Phil> sorry, it’s early
<Phil> actually, it’s not – I’m just not funny
<digilante> his last girlfriend was complaining that he barely hit one inch letalone
a further 1.5 of ’em
<Muad`Dib> my companion cube threatened to stab me
<Muad`Dib> :(
<locust> Muad`Dib > lies. the companion cube cannot speak
<Paru-sama> i sleep with my companion cube
<Elk> I had to euthanize my companion cube. I still lose sleep over that. :(
<locust> Elk > it was the best thing to do, rly :(
<Muad`Dib> Elk: pfft, heartless, I bet you euthanized it faster than anyone else
<locust> Elk > i mean, it was having trouble breathing, and it couldnt move on
its own
<Elk> Yeah….yeah
Shawn: seriously. why do we get in to these discussions?
MobileMorn wonders what could be more gross than stickng your tongue up an intestine
ZodiacPup: out of curiousity?
ZodiacPup: for the sake of it?
Frontline_: To enlighten young pips like yourself Shawn
Shawn drops his head to his desk
ZodiacPup: facedesk
Frontline_: Can’t have you wandering around out there blind can we?
MobileMorn: Frontline_: you’ll scare him into staying a virgin
Frontline_: The sooner you learn this stuff the better off you’ll be
Frontline_: Look I’m not sayin he has to lick asshole the first time he gets it on
ZodiacPup: lmao
Frontline_: He can wait until the third or fourth
Shawn: Frontline_, im already scared in to being a virgin
ZodiacPup: maybe I’ll stay virgin, it’s safer that way
<Frontline_> the best way to hide a boner? In a vagina
<DouglasK> Frontline_, damn straight.
<PacGamer> ^ truth?
<MornNickB> Frontline_: I dare you to put on your pocket pussy next time you have a
boner in public
<Frontline_> That thing is fucking enorous. It’s like the size of my calf
<Frontline_> It weighs like 4lbs
* penelope notes that most breadsticks weigh between 1/2 pound and a pound
<penelope> Unless it’s metal.
<MornNickB> does it include the arse or something?
<Frontline_> Nope. It’s just gigantic. I dont know what the deal it.
<penelope> Hm.
<penelope> Frontline_, you should have just went with a Fleshlight.
<Frontline_> I should have gotten another Tera Patrick. It was awesome. I love Katie
Morgan, but this thing is too much.
<penelope> I don’t understand why one would want to fuck a replica porn star twat.
<Frontline_> They all feel the same pretty much. why not have it be modeled after
Katie Morgan?
* MornNickB has a Jenna Jameson…
<ZodiacPup> LMAO
<penelope> Wouldn’t it be like… shoving yoru dick through a doorway?
<rygavs> ROFLMFAO
<MornNickB> penelope: better to imagine screwing a porn star than a piece of plastic
<Frontline_> Why would it be like a doorway?
<MornNickB> as loose as a doorway maybe she means ;)
<penelope> Well, I’m not sure about what types of porn either Patrick or Morgan are
in, but I’ve seen pornstars go through… double fistings, and stuff that would make it
like a doorway.
<ZodiacPup> hey Sandman3030, Knitguy
* penelope shrugs
<MornNickB> hehe
<MornNickB> I was right :D
<ZodiacPup> …fucking a piece of plastic…
<Frontline_> I havent seen everything the two of them are in, but I dont recall them
getting too stretched out
<Frontline_> Also, its only the first inch that is a mold
<Frontline_> The inside is just a little 1/4" hole
<MornNickB> not even ribbed?
<Frontline_> BTW, can we just put this whole conversation in the topic?
<Frontline_> some are ribbed
<MornNickB> my Jenna Jameson one is a little ;)
<rygavs> can we put this whole thing in the quote database?
<Frontline_> when people look up the chan on GS, I want them to know what theyre
getting into
<ZodiacPup> lol
<rygavs> srsly tho, can i submit it?
<ZodiacPup> wouldn’t it give us more audience, rather than scare them off?
<MornNickB> Syliss: we’re discussing pocket pussy’s today, do you have one?
<Syliss> nope
<MornNickB> ZodiacPup: trying to see if it’ll scare people off
<Frontline_> Syliss has a non pocket version
<Syliss> lol
<Frontline_> not as easily portable, but very nice
<Frontline_> Although, it’s subscription based. Very pricey

<%Stuzilla|AFK> Proof i know females
<Henco|Laptop> oh, dear god…
* Henco|Laptop says nothing more
<%Stuzilla|AFK> you wish your hair was remotely as amazing as mine
<&Phil> my thoughts exactly
<&Phil> Henco’s, not Stu’s
<&Phil> lol
<%Stuzilla|AFK> ahaha
<%UncleJohn> RAWRwins254 im on a generator right now woop woop!
<Joe12321> wow i haver 1 billion dollars now i rule the world
* Bowler4Ever ‘s head explodes
< FrankSinatra> part 2 lol..
<nighthawk> Talking about fake people ftl
< MJ> they are dead now i think the Jonas brothers
< RAWRwins254> UncleJohn: power out?
<%UncleJohn> Yup.
< RAWRwins254> UncleJohn: what happened?
<nighthawk> thats not all its about
<%UncleJohn> Lines are all down, im on a temp cable connection which is slower then
the normal one meant for voip.
* iJonathan ( has joined #chris
* Snoopy sets mode: v iJonathan
<nighthawk> noobieos
< FrankSinatra> is a section of the US without power?
< MJ> when Bieber’s voice brakes and he takes too many drugs it’ll be over for him!
<%UncleJohn> Semi took out a pole RAWRwins254
<%UncleJohn> Knocked it completly out.
<Joe12321> yeah
* Bowler4Ever unplugs UncleJohn’s generator >=)
<%UncleJohn> Um..what?
< RAWRwins254> UncleJohn: o.O
<%UncleJohn> How do you unplug a generator?LOL
<nighthawk> <throws stuf at john>
<%UncleJohn> It generates its own
< FrankSinatra> wait.. a lorry took out a electric pole which shut down a part of
the US?
< Bowler4Ever> LOL
< toop> haha
* RAWRwins254 turns off UncleJohn’s generator :P
<Joe12321> i thnik he has some kind of skin condition thats why he looks like cr..p
<%UncleJohn> Epic fail!!!
<%UncleJohn> Some one quick put that up on the Quote
<Jackster35[away]> …
* Jackster35[away] wanks
<Jackster35[away]> walks*
<Jackster35[away]> D:
<Jackster35[away]> Sorry about that D:
<Jackster35[away]> my god
<Sin> That’s one for the qdb right there
<~Pierce> typo of the year, epic type fail
* Joins: Callum (~TFlash@4CB1598.377AF232.9C359995.IP)
<Callum> help i just had hosting from a sever what next
< Jordan> put website on it
<Callum> how
<Callum> i made a site in publisher
* @Henco facepalms.

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