GeekShed Quote Database

<ZodiacPup> damn I’m horny
<GreyBeard> …………
<ZodiacPup> hey TuxOtaku
<penelope> Stay away from ZodiacPup. He might poke you.
* penelope coughs
<@KD> Phil: Wheres my ring?
<&Phil> KD, you shouldn’t ask questions like that in public
<&Phil> perhaps your doctor is the best person to show you
&Pierce: a prision cell with allan sleeping ontop of me sounds more inviting
* amztechtalk (~IceChat7@EDDA386.23B20E25.21526884.IP) has joined #bots
<amztechtalk> hello
<DG> hi
<amztechtalk> does anyone now how to make bot scripts?
<&Phil> yup
<amztechtalk> how can i make them?
<&Phil> learn a programming/scripting language
<amztechtalk> how?
<&Phil> buy a book?
<&Phil> go to classes?
<&Phil> read some websites?
<amztechtalk> seriously?
<amztechtalk> ok
<&Phil> or
<&Phil> you could do what they do on the Matrix
<amztechtalk> or?
<amztechtalk> what?
<&Phil> and learn it without doing any work
<amztechtalk> what do i do/
<amztechtalk> ?
* &Phil rolls eyes
<&Phil> baking soda helps
<amztechtalk> hmm
<&Phil> orange food colouring also
<@Cady> my god
<@Cady> the cat just slapped me
<@tengrrl> wow. that’s one mean-ass cat
<&Muad`Dib> hmm, bitchslapped by a kitty, and i thought my day was bad
<UncleJohn> Chris think we got bigger issues, some ghostbusters thing is showing.
<edgy> who ya gonna call, UStream support
( &AlastorMoody ) see, thing or two to learn about GeekShed people
( &AlastorMoody ) fuck with one of us, you get the load
( &AlastorMoody ) you can take it sexually, or not, it works both ways

< ITSBROKEFIXITNOW> my daughter says you all were trying to fix her dvd drive and
you ended up involving my wife and now Ihave to sleep on the couch cuz you morons found
the greco-roman wrestling porn and weren’t wise enough to make up a cover story to keep me
out of trouble. what kind of geeks are you if you don’t know to hide the porn from wives
and girlfriends???!!?!?!
<~therock247uk> lol
<&CCMike> ITSBROKEFIXITNOW, glue your dick to your leg, punch ypur kid and get a
| * toop chuckles
* ITSBROKEFIXITNOW tries to glue CCMike to his leg. Oh wait you said my dick, not a dick.
<&CCMike> opps forgot you can’t it’s to short
<&CCMike> so sad
< ITSBROKEFIXITNOW> my dick is massive and mighty like the tower of london, big
ben, and allan’s ego
< toop> too bad your wife/girlfriend doesn’t want it anymore
<&CCMike> ahhh i see your delusional too
< ITSBROKEFIXITNOW> let me get the URLto the pictures
< toop> that’s why you’re sleeping on the couch
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